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Today (Monday 1st July) Wakefield Post-hardcore band Cold Summer released their new self-titled album. ‘Cold Summer’ sees the quartet take their influences of established and underground bands, and combining it with introspective lyrics to create a passionate collection of well-structured, melodic post-hardcore that is surely to get the band noticed in the coming months.

Vocalist Dan Feast recently took some time out to give Already Heard to talk us through ‘Cold Summer.’

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The Fallen
The track we chose to open the album is about not giving up on your dreams in life, and not letting anyone tell you how to live it; be the best that you can be and at least you can say you tried. I’ve seen it in people I know. Some people want it but can’t be bothered with the hard work that’s involved.

This is the first song we wrote as a band. It’s based on 2 different views on life. One person wants to experience the hard work to achieve their goals and experience that there is some dodgy, underhanded people along the way. This person becomes a better person for it by gaining life experience. The other person just wants it all without putting in the work. This person then becomes quite bitter about life and is left behind. Then realises that they haven’t got anywhere at all and asks ‘Wait For Me’ but the other has moved on.

It’s about not getting to a certain age and then looking back and regretting. The idea behind it was don’t get into a dead end job, and letting the tide take control. Which is quite convenient and easy to do sometimes. This track was written pretty much the week before recording it, its something we haven’t really done before. The ideas for this track came together unlike anything we’ve written before and there is a sense of urgency about it, even though it’s one of the more melodic tracks on the album.

Processed Lives
The song touches on areas of the music ‘industry’ that boils my blood! How image obsessed we are (the general public mainly and even how this reaches more underground music scenes). Everything is about being perfect and the perception of looking ‘amazing’, When in reality we ain’t both on the surface and deep inside. I feel that some artists/bands try to follow the trend rather than keep integrity and be true to themselves. The whole auto tune turned up 100% period where it was “the in thing” to do. It sounds horrible and it’s not talent relying on computer software. It doesn’t matter what you look like on stage in music, because at the end of the day it should always be about the music.

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Car Crash (In Progress)
I wrote the lyrics after thinking about how we see relationships between different people, whether they are your friend, family member, work colleague. I also touch on the subject of how we some people can be deceitful and untrustworthy.

Waiting (Alternative Version)
In the past we’ve ha an acoustic version of this track and we’ve recorded a rough demo of the album version which was also on our first release ‘Transitions.’ We experimented a bit in the studio and this gives a completely different interpretation of this song to the version heard earlier in the album.

A Is For Arson / Wake
These two tracks are a whole metaphor of burning down the building to make a change. This was a time in my life where I felt non existent. I wasn’t playing much music and worked for a company that didn’t give a fuck about Its employees. The “when will we wake……” bit is to say we will make something of ourselves in life.

I sometimes feel people don’t see the tie between the two tracks. We’ve obviously had this at the front of our agenda, when deciding the order for the songs. We tried to make it work by ‘Wake’ being the introduction to ‘A Is For Arson’ but also a separate track in its own right. Intentionally we wrote this as an instrumental; to open our set when playing live to go into ‘A Is For Arson.

It really treads ground in post rock territory which does form a part of our overall sound as a band but is not usually as distinct and this is our track to show that side of our band.

‘Cold Summer’ by Cold Summer is available now on Bandcamp.

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