Already Heard Track Guide: Campfires – Campfires EP

Today rising Scottish pop punks Campfires make their mark with their debut self-titled EP. Rising from the ashes defunct rockers Autumn In Disguise, Campfires marks a new chapter for three-fifths of AID as they developed an impressive and uplifting brand of pop punk.

Motivated to get out there and playing again, ‘Campfires’ is a short and sharp collection of thriving pop punk that takes on a number of subjects; embracing where you live, constant liars and destructive people.

As part of our “Track Guide” feature, the Aberdeen quintet talked us through ‘Campfires’.

A few years after our previous band Autumn In Disguise finished, James (Forbes – drums), Napz (Stephen Napier – guitar) & Mike (Hendo – vocals) decided to start jamming together and write some new music. With Yogi (McGregor – guitar) and Craig (Donald – bass) joining, we soon began finishing songs and demoing these with a friend, Louis Craighead. We weren’t sure what the overall sound would be, but everything started falling together well, and we enjoyed finding the Campfires sound.

We then decided to venture to Cardiff in Wales, to work with esteemed producer Romesh at Longwave Studios. We spent a week there recording the EP in full and were very happy with how it sounded. Hopefully people can relate to the songs we’ve written and enjoy them.

1. Same Streets
Even though some people do the same things in the same places, week in week out, ‘Same Streets’ is all about embracing where we live and enjoying it. Although not following the usual generic pop punk theme, the song’s verses still pick up on the frustrations of a repetitive routine growing up in one city. The chorus quickly became an anthem that holds this idea aloft and was unanimously chosen as our first single from the EP, and also shot a video for the song. The speed of the song, helps set the pace of our live set.

2. The Hardest Part
‘The Hardest Part’’s theme is about those people you know, who continually build and live their life by countless lies. This all builds up to the point of the hardest part for them is living by the truth. And the need to let go of these people. The song has fast paced verses and a bouncy chorus, which allows for the band to definitely get in the right groove!

3. Pure Gold
This track is fast and punchy, which is really fun to play and sing live. The lyrics are based around the concept of someone always thinking that they are better than they are. They used to be a really great person but they have become obsessed with themselves and what others think, becoming an asshole. We must move on from this sort of person, leaving them behind to live in their own deluded world where you know enviably they will fail and be left alone.

4. Like A Cancer
The story behind this track revolves around the similarities between the disease Cancer, and a destructive person living within relationships & people’s lives. The verses are built up with some nice riffs within the verses and built up to big choruses with an epic finish. The song is always enjoyable to play as it holds a lot of emotion and passion behind the meaning.

5. Hidden/Instrumental Track
Our EP will also feature an instrumental outro track. There may be plans to build this into a full song for our next release.

‘Campfires EP’ by Campfires is released on 15th January.

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