Already Heard Track Guide: As The Sun Sleeps – As Good As Gold EP

Swindon based pop-punkers As The Sun Sleeps are preparing to release their new EP, ‘As Good As Gold’, next week. Consisting of five energetic slices of pop-punk, the quartet take their cues from the likes of New Found Glory and The Starting Line but with a more British tone. Nevertheless, it’s an infectious, beer-soaked collection that sees As The Sun Sleeps incorporate their influences in an ideal fashion.

Following on from our review of the EP, we grabbed a quick word with As The Sun Sleeps to get a track-by-track account about ‘As Good As Gold’.



This is the opener track and current single from the EP. It’s a nostalgic reminiscence of jovial antics from nights long past, the kind you share with friends on a long drive home.


A song that subtly challenges the unsubstantiated wanderlust that the “grass is always greener”, because man, everything you need to have a good time is right here and happening right now!

Forever Sick

The lyrics are based on the premise that “nothing good ever happens after 3am”. We’ve all forced our way through those big nights… sometimes it’s not just your wallet that’s left empty.

What Matters Most

We all now live in a society where technology allows us to carry the world in our pockets. We can capture a moment at any time, however and whenever we choose. What matters most is that we remember there’s more to life than that. The track will be our next single and the video lands next month.

Nothing But Net

The closing track to the record and it’s a tribute to friends who’ve moved on, having taking a different route to yours in life. Sometimes it’s their happiness that brings contentment.

‘As Good As Gold’ by As The Sun Sleeps is released on 20th January.

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