Already Heard Track Guide: …And the Hangnails – DOG

This past Friday, York-based indie/punk duo, …And The Hangnails released their fourth album, ‘DOG’. Recorded over two days in Manchester, the album sees Martyn Fillingham (vocals/guitars) and Steven Reid (vocals/drums) produce their most energetic and fun sounding songs to date. Songs such as ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, ‘Nothing Wrong’ and ‘Answering Machine’ are drenched in fuzzy guitars and upbeat, rigid drums making for a set of infectious noisy garage rock songs.

Beyond all of that, lyrically the album deals with closure and the realisation things have and are changing. To give us a better insight into what ‘DOG’ is all about, Martyn Fillingham gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the album.

Don’t Waste My Time

This song is about having no patience for liars and bullshit in general. Lies always get found out. Don’t try so hard pretending to be something you’re not.


‘Junk’ is all about knowing the futility of partying too much but not wanting anyone to stop you. Having no money and no responsibilities and knowing the consequences but having the time of your life anyway. It’s like, ‘I know this isn’t achieving anything, just please, don’t drag.’

Too Far Gone

‘Too Far Gone’ is about realising that a relationship might be on its way out. Knowing that it used to be amazing but slowly over time you’ve both changed. It’s a consideration of whether it can be saved, it’s reminiscent of the good times, sad about the realities of not knowing whether you can save it and it’s about wondering if there’s anything that can be learned or whether it’s just something that inevitably happens.

Enjoy It While It Lasts

This is one of the weirdest songs for me to play personally because it is one of the happiest sounding songs, but one of the saddest lyrically. Sort of continuing from ‘Too Far Gone’ – realising that a relationship might be about to end, it’s the idea that no matter how long something might last (or not) you have to enjoy life for what it offers. Nothing lasts forever, everything is transient, you just have to make the effort to appreciate whatever good things you can find …you can either whistle along with life’s happy little melody, no matter how sad it actually is – or dwell in misery. Your choice.

Nothing Wrong / Nothing Right

‘Nothing Wrong / Nothing Right’ is about that feeling of nothingness. You’re not happy as such, but you’re also not really sad either, which is a, weirdly, intensely hollow feeling. I think more people can relate to that than most bother to talk about.

Don’t Say This Ain’t The Way (You Want It)

This song is saying, ‘I know something’s wrong, so please tell me, but please don’t tell me that it’s the end. Please don’t say this ain’t the way you want our lives to be.’

Answering Machine

‘Answering Machine’ is like a one sided argument, kinda saying all the things you think of after the argument is over. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

Do You Harm

Do you harm is like coming to terms with the reality of something ending. Knowing that you’re leaving it on your own terms. It’s kind of like finally leaving limbo after a long time of uncertainty. Closure. This thing is over, but so long as you know that I would never do anything to hurt you, then I think I’m ok with it.

Adore Repel

Everything is always changing. We are always changing and developing as people. Our needs constantly change. When you reminisce about good times, good memories are often seen with rose-tinted glasses. But you have to move forward and just try to consider what you want and need right now, not how things used to be.

Fear Only Fear

Fear nothing but fear.
Worries can be like self-fulfilling prophecies.
Don’t over think things. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
There are a lot of things that cannot be helped or prevented.
Don’t worry. Don’t be scared. Fear nothing.
Fortune favours the brave etc.
Do your thing and if shit goes wrong then don’t blame the people around you.
Blame fear.

‘DOG’ by …And the Hangnails is out now on Young Thugs Records.

‘DOG’ can be purchased on CD and vinyl here.

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