Already Heard Song Premiere: White Noise Radio – Gone Inside

Already Heard Song Premiere: White Noise Radio – Gone Inside

This weekend, emerging Bristol alt-rockers White Noise Radio return with a new EP titled ‘Cosmos’. Having been compared to Incubus and Karnivool, ‘Cosmos’ sees the quartet showcase a range of rich melodies and clever riffs. As a preview, we’re premiering a track called ‘Gone Inside’.

“’Gone Inside’ is actually a reworking of one of the oldest songs in our set, one we’ve been playing for several years. Our producer George saw potential it’s potential and really pushed us to record it after an extensive re-write; pretty much everything in the second half of the song is brand new,” explains vocalist/guitarist Ben Lampard. “I actually originally wrote the song in about a day; after waking up in the middle of the night with the main riff bouncing around in my brain, I sleepily recorded it on my phone. The rewrite was painstaking, and cost us many hours of redrafting and demoing, but we’re really pleased with the end result.

"Lyrically this song is quite personal, and it deals with the themes of isolation and identity that are shot throughout this record. As one reviewer cannily spotted, the chorus refrain of “Tiger, tiger, you’re burning tonight!” is a reference to William Blake’s “The Tyger”, a poem which focuses on man’s identity and place in the world. Listen really carefully, and you might just be able to hear it being read out at the end of the song…”

‘Cosmos’ by White Noise Radio is released 1st July.

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