Song Premiere: Warm Copies – Bare Feet

Away from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham’s major venues, there is a tight-knit DIY community with local bands playing in intimate rooms such as JT Soars and the Chameleon Arts Cafe. Warm Copies is one of those bands that have honed their sound by playing in various DIY bands in recent years. They came together after the demise of two other bands; Prolebait and Restrooms. Next week sees the quartet release their debut EP – ‘Clothes are a Capitalist Construct’.

Inspired by the worry of post-University life and being frustrated with mundane office jobs, ‘Clothes are a Capitalist Construct’ consists of fuzzy, heart-on-your-sleeve punk rock. Today, we’re premiering ‘Bare Feet’. Although it’s rough around the edges, at its core is thorough punk aesthetic with duel vocals.

“It’s about not having a clue where you’re going or what you’re doing in a relationship, but being grateful to be along for the ride anyway,” Warm Copies tell us. “It’s about winging it, which is the only thing anyone’s ever doing anyway right?”

‘Clothes are a Capitalist Construct’ EP by Warm Copies is released on 17th January.

They will also be playing an EP release show at Nottingham’s JT Soars on Friday, January 19th. Support comes from Gregory Gudd, One Million Motors and more. Further details can be found here.

Warm Copies links: Facebook|Bandcamp

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