Already Heard Single Premiere: Waterfall – Two Songs

Leeds shoegaze/dream pop quartet Waterfall have teamed up with Honeypot Records for the release of their new AA single. Simply titled ‘Two Songs’, it sees the four-piece demonstrate their versatility. ‘Spiralling’ drifts along with atmospheric guitars. In contrast, ‘Colours’ wallows in distortion and distant vocals.

Waterfall had this to say about the two songs:

“We started life as a two-piece recording project two years ago which slowly morphed into our current line-up over the past year, spending most of that time focusing on our live shows. Our style has definitely evolved over this time with our pedalboards being a great influence on the sounds that we can craft and experiment with, ranging from soft and dreamy to heavy and distorted. We’re really excited to finally release music that the four of us are deeply proud of and that we feel reflects our sound much better than our previous recordings.

For these two songs we tried to express a maturer sound that exemplifies our diversity of influences while still tying the tracks together. The two songs represent two sides of the same coin both with ‘Spiralling’ expressing a more positive outlook and ‘Solours’ a darker, sheltered side.”

‘Two Songs’ by Waterfall will be released on limited cassette tape (with exclusive pink artwork) through Honeypot Records on December 9th. Both tracks will also be available for free on Bandcamp.

Waterfall links: Facebook|Bandcamp

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