Already Heard Single Premiere: Long Body – Bloom / Wither

You may have noticed that here at Already Heard we are keen to promote exciting new music. So with that being said, we’d like to introduce you to Leeds duo Long Body.

Next week they’re set to release a debut double A-Side single, ‘Bloom / Wither’, through Honeypot Records. However, Already Heard is premiering both tracks. Together each song shows a different side to Long Body’s sound. ‘Bloom’ has urgency and is carried through the bands brand of “fuzz pop”, whilst ‘Wither’ is a more laid back affair.

Having formed at the turn of the year, Long Body’s beginnings were clouded in trepidation. “I was so reluctant to be in a band again because I’d lost a lot of confidence but it’s been great so far,” explains vocalist/guitarist Hayley Smith with drummer Will Cook adding “I don’t think either of us wanted to be in a band with each other. Not because I didn’t think she was rad, just because sometimes being in a band can be stressful, and it’s not always the best idea to do it with someone you’re so close to.”

Nevertheless, having overcome the hestiation of becoming a band, Smith and Cook are now gradually piecing material together with ‘Bloom’ and ‘Wither’ being their first proper release. Hayley explained what both songs are about “’Bloom/Wither’ is all about contrast of emotions. ‘Bloom’ is technically a love song, it has a lot of upbeat language. And ‘Wither’ is about those bad days when you want your bed to swallow you whole. It’s the balance of togetherness/loneliness.”

With the double A-Single set to be released imminently, the duo’s short-term goals primarily consist of playing shows in Europe; “We’ve been pretty busy with our lives outside of music, so we don’t have lots of things coming up but we’re organising our first tour, and hoping to play some shows in Europe before anything happens that makes it difficult for bands to tour outside of the UK.” states Hayley.

‘Bloom / Wither’ by Long Body is released on August 1st on Honeypot Records.

Long Body links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Honeypot Records links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Soundcloud

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