Already Heard Single Premiere: CHAMBERS – Sister Doom

Next Friday (24th February) Yorkshire duo CHAMBERS release their new single – ‘Sister Doom’. However, Already Heard has landed the exclusive first play of the track. Its title defines the pairs style; dark and abrasive incorporating heavy riffs and raucous rhythms along the way.

“We couldn’t pigeon hole our style into a term that suited the music, so eventually sister-doom became our own genre by accident,” say the band. “It’s also an expression of the relationship we have through our music – an energy we both share equally, as well as our love of mystery, anticipation, and the unknown.

The concept of sister-doom is sort of like a spirit that drives us to do what we do,” add the pair. “It’s sort of that feeling you get when you’re stood in a dark, empty house with all the lights turned off. A figure suddenly appears in front of you and your eyes try to work out if it’s real or not. It’s sort of that adrenaline you get from the unknown. Like something you shouldn’t do but you just want more.”

The tracks origins started in the Middle East, where guitarist Aeris Houlihan was visiting. While Eleanor-Cara Churchill added an intense Eastern European. “I got into gypsy music quite obsessively in my third year of uni” explains Churchill, “you can see the influence particularly on my hi-hat and bell work on ‘Sister Doom’. I got fully into gypsy music after seeing Beirut at Exit Festival in Serbia six years ago.”

Since coming together through another band at Leeds College of Music in 2014, Houlihan and Churchill have played alongside Dinosaur Pile-Up, Heck and Black Honey. While their influences are eclectic as they range from Nirvana to Interpol to Kendrick Lamar.

‘Sister Doom’ by CHAMBERS is released 24th February on I’m Not From London Records.

25 Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
03 The Fulford Arms, York
18 Rough Trade, Nottingham (w/ Weirds)
04 Adelphi, Hull (w/ Cannibal Animal)

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