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After touring the UK circuit for a number of years, Leeds rockers Summerlin are about to unleash their debut full-length ‘You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire’. With a brash mix of punk, hardcore and rock, the quartet worked with producer Pelle Henricsson (Refused, Entombed, In Flames) in Sweden.

However despite Henricsson’s previous work being slightly heavier, Summerlin’s pop-punk influence remains intact throughout ‘You Can’t Burn Out…’ as tracks like ‘Sink Or Swim’ and ‘My Old Life Isn’t A Complicate As My Webpage Made’ show; thriving hooks with bright singalong moments. Whilst ‘United Divided’ showcase the bands more raw, edgier side.

With such a thorough record, Already Heard caught up with bassist Ben Jackson to find out more about Summerlin, working with Pelle Henricsson

Already Heard: Could you introduce yourself and your role in Summerlin?
Summerlin: Hey, I’m Ben, I play bass and sing some harmonies in Summerlin.

Already Heard: For those who may have not heard of you before, how would describe Summerlin’s sound?
Summerlin: I’d say we are a cross between pop punk and rock. We pride ourselves on catchy melodies, soaring harmonies and a pretty aggressive sound.

Already Heard: What bands would you compare yourselves to?
Summerlin: Foo Fighters, Rueben, New Found Glory and The Swellers

Already Heard: You’re set to release your debut album, ‘You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire’ on May 14th. What can old and new fans expect from the record?
Summerlin: Fast energetic Punk rock with big hooks and killer harmonies!

Already Heard: How has the band developed since your 2009 EP, ‘So Make Your Move’?
Summerlin: We initially set out to write a punk rock record, taking influence from bands that we grew up with. This meant it was important that we captured all the aspects of Punk rock that we so dearly loved.

Every band goes through teething problems with line ups, members and direction. I guess it just took us the best part of 3 years for it all to fall in to place.

Already Heard: You worked with producer Pelle Henricsson on the album. What did he contribute to the record and how influential was he?
Summerlin: Well we tracked the record ourselves at our house! We sent the stems out to Sweden and had Pelle mix and master the record! It was awesome being able to get someone else’s perspective on it, especially someone who produced some of our favourite records! I feel he really brought out the heavier side of us without losing our pop sensibilities.

Already Heard: What tracks on the album best show Summerlin’s sound?
Summerlin: The first track “Let It Go” then the seventh track “United Divided.” I’d say that our record has two sides to it, the first half is a fast paced punk rock vibe, then as the record goes on we’ve drawn influences from some of the heavier bands we’ve all grown up with.

Already Heard: Does the record have a particular message or theme?
Summerlin: When we started putting songs together for the record it became very clear what we were trying to get across. A lot of the songs are about growing up and self discovery. It’s about trying to see through the hard times and being ok with the journey.

Already Heard: Are there any bands that influenced you whilst you were making the record?
Summerlin: Yeah I’d say we took influence from Foo Fighters and Offspring, Two bands we all grew up listening to. “Americana” and “Nothing Left To Loose” were the first records I ever owned.

Already Heard: Before the album is release, you’re going to be playing a few shows in the UK. How would you describe a regular Summerlin show?
Summerlin: Usually a lot of fun! We try get the crowd as involved as possible but shows are changing, our fan base is changing. With this in mind I’m super excited to see how our new stuff goes down live! Things have changed since we became a 4 piece, we’re much tighter live and hopefully we’ll still be cramming as much energy in as possible.

Already Heard: After those shows, what do you have planned for the summer months?
Summerlin: We will be pushing the record as much as possible. I suspect we will be booking up tours throughout the end of the year!

Already Heard: Finally why should fans check out Summerlin and ‘You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire’?
Summerlin: This record is something we are extremely proud of. It’s beaten us down and made us broke recording it but I think we’ve created something a little different. Great pop punk melodies and the raw aggressive sound of Pelle’s Mix. Check it out.

‘You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire’ by Summerlin is out now through Rude Records.

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Words by Sean Reid

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