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Self-described as a “dubstep-punk” band, London’s Subsource having played shows alongside the likes of Young Guns, Skindred, and Sonic Boom Six as well UK chart-toppers Dizzee Rascal and Example, the quartet have a diverse audience and it’s clear to see why. Mixing frantic electro sounds with a scrappy metal undercurrent, their new EP ‘Generation Doom’ is bound to fill the void left from Pendulum.

Already Heard: Could you introduce yourself and your role in Subsource?
Stu: Yeah, I’m Stu and I sing and play upright bass.

AH: For new listeners tell us about your sound. I heard you describe yourself as “dubstep-punk”?
Stu: I have a bit of an aversion to labeling so leave the press to do the labeling. I totally understand the Punk thing and not afraid of it and we’re total whores for bass music so when we get called “Punkstep” I’m happy with that as it does reflect aspects of what we’re doing at the moment.

AH: You’re releasing a new EP called ‘Generation Doom’ in August. What can we expect from the EP?
Stu: Riffs, drops, and anarchic intent of the highest order.

AH: The EP is being released on your own label – Doombox Recordings. For a group like Subsource is releasing music independetly a more suitable option?
Stu: It suits us for now. When the fat cats want guaranteed returns then we’re a wild card and very sure about what we want to make. No-one can fuck with our music this way.

AH: Has the success of rock/dance bands like Enter Shikari, Pendulum and Hadouken helped Subsource getting noticed?
Stu: Well we don’t have to explain ourselves so much anymore and sound engineers raise their eyebrows less when we rock up at a venue but in terms of the effect of Pendulum can’t have hurt.

AH: Why do you think the dubstep genre has managed to crossover into the rock/metal scene and why do you think fans have accepted it?
Stu: There’s loads of similarities in the approach that a metal band and a Dubstep producer take with when they write. Usually, “I’m gonna right the heaviest riff/drop ever!” The effect on the audience is going to be the same. They’re gonna lose their shit and want to fuck stuff up. Love it. Plus a lot of those big producers are closet metal heads. Skism, Bare Noise, Skrillex to name a few.

AH: With such a complex sound, what is the bands live setup like?
Stu: Got a drummer machine gunning a hybrid kit with big electro sounds over an acoustic kit, an effects nut guitarist, a synth player running the live synths, and me on double bass, and vocals. Not too mental really.

AH: How would you describe a Subsource live show?
Stu: Someone said it’s like Skrillex getting gang raped by Rage Against The Machine. I liked that. You’re definitely not going to see a few dudes behind laptops. It’s full on.

AH: You’ve played shows with a range of bands from guitar-based bands such as Skindred and Young Guns to popular artist like Dizzee Rascal and Example. How has the reaction been to these type of shows and do you approach those shows differently?
Stu: You know what. Everyone gets the same show. We’re not out to pander to crowds and we’re definitely not ashamed about what we do. Whether it’s 50 people or 50,000 we aim to leave the stage fucked and the crowd spent.

AH: On your Soundcloud there’s various remix of Nirvana, System of A Down and Rage Against The Machine songs. How has those remixes been received by fans especially fans of those bands?
Stu: Haha. The response has been way better than I expected. I was expecting death threats but people seem to dig them. You’re going to get die-hards that think it’s sacrilege but fuck em.

Already Heard: Can we expect to hear any new remixes in the near future?
Stu: Official and unofficial remixes are coming aplenty.  Got some amazing collaborations happening at the moment but can’t say too much.

Already Heard: Are there any bands you would like to remix but haven’t yet?
Stu: Haven’t hit any classic British acts yet so think that’ll definitely be on the cards when we get time.

Already Heard: You’ve also made a film called ‘Subsource – A Dubumentary.’ What is the film about and when can we expect to see it?
Stu: We didn’t make it, a film maker approached us who was into the band and asked if he could jump in the van and film the ride.  18 months he was with us and it shows one of the more realistic version of events of being in a band I’ve seen. It shows us slogging our arses off all over Europe sometimes killing it, sometimes being killed.  Big wins, big losses.  It’s a ride.

It’s out Spring next year.

Already Heard: Any final words to close the interview?
Stu: Support live music, go to our Facebook for the free stuff.  Get to a show.  See you in the pit.

‘Generation Doom’ by Subsource is released on August 6th through Doombox Recordings.

Subsource links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud|Youtube

Words by Sean Reid

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