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Pop Rock trio Make Sparks are the latest band in a long line of Scottish bands making a name for themselves nationally. Hailing from Dundee, brothers Craig (Guitar & Vocals) & Adam (Drums & Vocals) Parker and Bobby Garland (Bass & Vocals), Make Sparks’ brand of indie-pop rock proves to be infectious and thrives on the bands bold choruses and sweet harmonies.

Their latest single ‘Floored’ is a warm blend of steady, dynamic indie rock and melodic catchy pop that represents the band in a strong light. And having recently playing shows with Sucioperro and relentlessly toured throughout the UK, Make Sparks are gradually making waves as their loyal fanbase continues to grow making them a need-to-know up and coming band.

Drummer Adam Parker recently spoke to Already Heard to discuss Make Sparks’ formation, ‘Floored,’ the Scottish music scene and more.  

Already Heard: First of all can you introduce yourself and your role in Make Sparks?
Make Sparks: I’m Adam Parker and I play Drums and sing a little. The other two are Craig Parker on guitar / lead vocals and Bobby Garland who plays Bass and also sings a little.

AH: For those who haven’t heard you before, how would you describe your sound?
Make Sparks: Its a mix of big riffs and catchy choruses, anthemic rock with pop sensibilities. Pop & Roll.

AH: Can you give us a brief history about the band and what you have done in your time together?
Make Sparks: Make Sparks has been going for around 5 years but the three of us have been playing in bands together for over 10 years since we were pretty young in high school. We’ve toured relentlessly around Scotland and the UK and picked up quite a number of fans in the process. We’ve also played a number of festivals, the highlights being T in the Park, Wickerman and not so long ago Leopalooza which is actually based down in Cornwall.

Over the past year we’ve really tried to play as much as we can down in England to promote the band to a larger audience. With support slots with Sucioperro, Feeder and Attack Attack! we’ve managed to really build on our profile and create a good buzz about the band.

AH: You’ve just released a new single called ‘Floored.’ What is the single about?
Make Sparks: Its about 4 minutes long and its a balls to the wall, aggressive anthem-filled with emotions and feelings but as I didn’t write this one, I’m afraid I can’t answer that properly I’d have to ask Craig. Although I think if Craig was answering this question, he’d probably not give a serious answer either in order to avoid embarrassment. He’s quite sensitive really.

AH: The single is taken from your latest EP ’Parts Of The Masquerade.’ Can you sum up what the EP is about?
Make Sparks: The EP is a collection of songs we had been working on over six months which we demoed in several different places. One of those places being in a country mansion in Ayr owned by an eccentric person who goes by the name Joe Bloom. So taken were we by this scatter brained nut that we decided to name the second track after him; ‘The Ballad of Crazy Joe Bloom.’ That song isn’t necessarily about him but we just liked him so damn much. The rest of the EP is also not about Joe. Its just us doing what we do best “pop n’ roll”

AH: In recent years Scotland has produced many notable bands with Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic being the key examples. Has the success of those bands opened doors for bands like Make Sparks?
Make Sparks: I think there is definitely a healthy interest in Scottish bands at the moment. The standard is very high especially around the Glasgow scene. Some really good young talent kicking about at the minute, Bands like Pronto Mama, So Many Animal Calls and Fatherson. Everywhere we gig around Scotland, we’re always on the bill with some great bands and there are always crowds to reflect just how much interest there is for live music and discovering new bands.

AH: What is your opinion on the current music scene in Scotland?
Make Sparks: I think its in a good state at the minute. Good bands, good music made better by the fact that the mighty Make Sparks are involved with it. So overall cant complain.

AH: Are there any local bands we should know about?
Make Sparks: I’ve mentioned a few already but I also suggest The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel and Fat Goth, two great bands from Dundee who kick some serious ass.

AH: Following the single release, what else can we expect from Make Sparks in the coming months?
Make Sparks: At the moment we’re working on an album which we hope to have ready early next year. In the mean time we’re gonna be doing a number of shows around the UK supporting Sucioperro and a few headline shows of our own, I suggest you check them out.

AH: Finally why should Already Heard readers check out Make Sparks?
Make Sparks: Because it will enhance your life quite dramatically. It’ll make you run a little faster, grow a little taller and party a little harder. So you should check it out if you know what’s good for you.

‘Floored’ and ‘Part Of The Masquerade’ by Make Sparks is available now.

Make Sparks links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Sean Reid

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