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This week Birmingham alt-rockers Light You Up release their new EP ‘Broken Jaw,’ a combination of energetic melodies and bold riffs delivered in a thriving Pop Punk fashion. 

Although some may know them under their former moniker LYU which saw them support the likes of Set Your Goals, Anti Flag, Goldfinger, Hit The Lights and more. Yet with the addition of new vocalist Tom Napier, the quintet decided to take on a new direction, one that gives the band character. And with a support tour slot alongside A Loss For Words, Decade and Save Your Breath set to kick off at the end of the month, Light You Up are set for big things.

Guitarist Drew Masters recently spoke to Already Heard to find out more about Light You Up, their name change, the new EP, the addition of Tom Napier and more.

Already Heard: First of all can you introduce yourself and your role in Light You Up?
Light You Up: I’m Drew and I play guitar and sing backup in the band.

AH: For new listeners how would you describe the bands sound and who would you compare yourselves to?
Light You Up: I’d have to say we are just a passionate rock band, and I guess it would fit somewhere between pop punk bands like The Ataris and The Starting Line, and full on rock bands like Foo Fighters.

AH: Some readers may know you under your former name LYU. What was the reason behind the change to Light You Up?
Light You Up: We’d been playing music as LYU for years, and we had started throwing around the idea of recruiting a stand alone frontman. The only guy we wanted to entertain this idea with was Tom, and he came in and blew us all away. We wrote some songs together and the collaboration came out different sounding than anything we’d done before so we decided maybe it was time to spread our wings a bit and the name is part of that.

AH: Musically how does Light You Up differ from LYU?
Light You Up: I think if anything it’s more song orientated. We spent so long working on musicianship and riffs etc. With LYU that I think the quality of the song was sometimes overlooked. Whereas now it’s all about servicing the song! 

AH: You’re set to release a new EP called ‘Broken Jaw’ soon. What can new and old fans expect from the EP?
Light You Up: It’s a straight up statement of intent. I’m immensely proud of it and I think it will give people an idea of what we are about and where we intend to take our sound on our first record. It’s solid rock, 5 dudes, live instruments, playing some tunes. 

AH: ‘Broken Jaw’ is the first release with new vocalist Tom Napier. How has he settled into the band and how has the band developed with Tom?
Light You Up: He’s settled in perfectly. We all feel like we have found the perfect formula. He came in to practise with us and blew us all away. The lad can sing! And he’s really really contributed to our songwriting and it just seems to work and give us that extra something that we may have lacked before.

AH: The lead single from the EP is a track called ‘Foxfire.’ Can you tell us what the song is about?
Light You Up: The song is about people’s self destructive tendencies and how there is something beautiful in that. 

AH: You’ve just released a music video for the song as well. What is the idea behind the video?
Light You Up: We wanted to introduce Tom so we’ve made a video that kinda introduces the band as people and just gives a cool vibe for the song. 

AH: You worked with acclaimed producer Romesh Dodangoda on ‘Broken Jaw.’ What did he contribute to the EP?
Light You Up: Romesh is the man! He’s an awesome musician and has an awesome ear. He really contributed to how the EP turned out and we are so happy that we worked together on this. 

AH: For the release of ‘Broken Jaw’ you’ve hooked up with Great Escape Records and Hang Tight Records. What attracted you to both of those labels?
Light You Up: Both awesome labels made up of good people, who dig what we are trying to do, so it was an easy decision! 

AH: You’re touring with A Loss For Words, Save Your Breath and Decade soon. For those who haven’t seen you live before, what can fans expect from a Light You Up show?
Light You Up: A fun loud passionate live show, get involved!

AH: Following the EP release and UK tour, what else can we expect from Light You Up in the coming months?
Light You Up: We will be shooting a video for one of the other songs on the EP in November and releasing it and touring again in December. More details to come!

AH: Is there anything else fans should know about Light You Up?
Light You Up: We eat Nandos, exclusively.

AH: Finally why should Already Heard readers check out Light You Up and ‘Broken Jaw’?
Light You Up: If you like honest, passionate, rock music check it out!

‘Broken Jaw’ by Light You Up is available now on Great Escape Records (digital)and Hang Tight Records (CD/Vinyl).

Light You Up links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Sean Reid

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