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Influenced by parties in LA, pop-rock group It Boys have a number of high-profile fans from Miley Cyrus to Joel & Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. Californian alt-pop five-piece have just completed a successful visit to the UK which including playing at last month’s Slam Dunk Festival. With their harmless upbeat poppy sound, they’re not ashamed of their pop roots; comparisons to UK boybands The Wanted and One Direction are openly accepted by the band.

Nevertheless with a run on this summer’s Warped Tour followed by US shows with Forever The Sickest Kids and their full-length album set to follow, it’s clear you’re about to hear more about It Boys.

Already Heard: First of all could you introduce yourself and your role in It Boys?
It Boys: Matt and I am lead vocals.

AH: For new listeners how would you describe your sound?
It Boys: Pop, fun and energetic! Like if Katy Perry and LMFAO had a child.

AH: You’ve just been over in the UK as part of the Slam Dunk Festival. How did the shows go?
It Boys: Shows went amazing! Great to see so many UK fans supporting us.

AH: How was the response from the UK crowd?
It Boys: Our response was phenomenal. Amazing to see the fans singing our songs at every show.

AH: Did you catch any other bands at the festival?
It Boys: Taking Back Sunday because I think they are amazing! However I think Adam lost his voice. I couldn’t hear him!

AH: You also recently released a single called ‘Guys Don’t Like Me.’ What can you tell us about it?
It Boys: Take a listen… The story tells itself.

AH: There is also a music video for the single. What’s the story behind the video?
It Boys: Two crews; The Preps VS The It Boys! In this video, I’m not officially in It Boys! yet so it shows me get accepted into the crew as I make a statement by winning over “the girl.”

AH: Later this year, you’ll be releasing you debut album called ‘Introduction’. How would you describe the record to new fans?
It Boys: The album is one you would put on in any situation. Driving in your car to school, having a party, camping with friends etc. They are all just easy listening and fun, positive songs.

AH: The album is being released through Hollywood Waste Records. How did the band and label join up?
It Boys: The label contacted us, and they shared the same vision as we did so we signed the deal. Donvict!

AH: You’ve been compared to boybands such as One Direction and The Wanted. What are your thoughts on this?
It Boys: I think it’s great. Those are both great bands with amazing pop songs. Only problem is, I don’t think either of them have hit number 1 yet which we plan on doing soooo… Kidding! Ya, they are great acts.

AH: urely comparisons like that can be misleading especially when you’re set to be on Warped Tour this summer?
It Boys: We are straight up pop but our live show is a bit more in your face. I think people also go to festivals such as Warped Tour for the entertainment. We absolutely entertain.

AH: You’ve had attention from numerous bands and celebrities. Does that put any pressure on you or distract you in anyway when it comes to writing songs?
It Boys: No pressure. Whether Paul McCartney likes us or a random kid at a show, we write the music we wanna write. Fans are fans! We appreciate all.

AH: How has living in Los Angeles influenced the band?
It Boys: There’s A LOT of parties and a lot of fun things happening here all the time. I’d say we write about having good times quite often and the stories come to life through our music.

AH: Later this summer you’re heading out on the Warped Tour before touring with Forever The Sickest Kids. What can fans expect from a live It Boys show?
It Boys: BOOM! In your face, fun, action, excitement. You will not be disappointed.

AH: After the album release and tours, what else do It Boys have planned for the rest of 2012?
It Boys: We hope to be on the road for the rest of our careers but if we happen to catch a break, I’d say we will probably all go back home to see our families. Maybe go fishing and camping and a few other things you can’t really do in LA.

AH: Finally why should readers give It Boys a listen?
It Boys: Because we sound better through speakers.

It Boys links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

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