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imageDevon Kay & The Solutions are a fun straight-up punk rock band from Chicago, IL. Comprising of Devon Kay, Campy, & Ryan Solava, they write music of a raw calibre akin to bands such as The Dopamines, Max Levine Ensemble, and many more of the great punks. Emotions are glaring in their lyrics and sound, a kind of honesty that comes from the punk bands that are always remembered. I can honestly say that I am bored with most punk rock these days. It takes something with an extra special kick to really get my attention and this is exactly what they do. With influences from Cher Lloyd, to Slayer, and Neil Diamond, you can only hope that their records shine as well as the artists they’re influenced by, and they do. Especially Cher Lloyd.

With that in mind, Already Heard caught up with the guys to talk white wine, The 20 Belows, FEST must sees, and plaguerised Rihanna singles.

AH: First and foremost, who are we speaking to today?
Devon: Devon Kay & the Solutions, I thought you set this up?
Campy: Dave Matthews Band.
Ryan: Seacrest

AH: Can you give us, in your own words, a rundown of what you’re all about?
Devon: Well I’m Devon, and I’m all about white wine, cheerleading movies, and blacking out with fast food in my mouth. If you need further explanation, YOU GOT IT! I drink a lot of white wine while watching Bring it On, and blackout with Taco Bell hanging from my gullet. I do this nightly because THAT’S WHAT I’M ALL ABOUT!

Campy: I’m Matt. My friends call me Campy, but you can call me anytime. I like long walks through big, American corn fields, and reading by the fire. I’m also into fisting; do people still do that?

Ryan: I’m Ryan. I like to play drums the way I fuck; loud, hard, and I’m done in a few minutes.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Never Punt by Devon Kay & the Solutions</a>

AH: Where did you begin and how did you meet one another?
Devon: Well I met Campy here, and met Ryan here.

Campy: I like Devon’s answer better than mine.

Ryan: That about sums it up, yeah.

AH: I’ve seen you described as a side project to Direct Hit!, would you agree with this? Or are you a completely seperate solo functioning band? I think the term “side project” is usually pretty undermining to the band that’s tagged with that term.
Devon: I don’t know why the term “side project” ever gets used to describe any of my three shitty bands. Direct Hit!, DK&S, and The Fur Coats never share anything other than friendship. I think of each band as just something that I really like doing; Side project makes it seem as if it matters that some douche from Direct Hit! is playing with some other dicks. Trust me, it doesn’t.

Campy: I’m pretty sure we’ve even been a band longer than they have. Strangely enough, though, I’m about to start a side project called Nick Woods’ Tiny Erection. I’m thinking post hardcore screamo.

Ryan: Xbox live is my side project.

AH: “Never Punt” is the most recent release and it is absolutely wonderful, what are the plans for another release?
Devon: I want to release anything. I don’t care. I have like 12 hours of acoustic music in which I scream Dutch obscenities; maybe we can do something with that. We did just have a split come out, but we are stoners and often forget to promote stuff, so it makes sense that you hadn’t heard of it. It’s really fucking good, too. The songs on our side are with our new(ish) drummer, Ryan Solava, and he kicks a barrel of dicks into a mine shaft – if you know what I mean.

Campy: I’m pretty sure that, at this point, we’re working on trying to get a release going in your neck of the woods. Devon’s butt buddy Kasper Keen, from the band The 20 Belows, has suggested he might be able to put together a tour for us if we can.

Ryan: I actually didn’t drum on Never Punt, but I sure play it live better than the guy who did. Our recent split is pretty decent for my taste, but I’m honestly looking forward to the next set of boner jamz.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Split w/ The Ambulance Review by Devon Kay & the Solutions</a>

AH: ‘Dark Side Of The Super Moon’ is probably my favourite track on the record, what’re yours and for what reasons?
Devon: My favorite track is probably the one that Campy plays the least on, which is actually all of them, because I replaced him with a barking dog on bass. Actually, it will always be ‘W.W.B.C.D.’ I wrote that song in a pinch, and it’s been awesome to me ever since.

Campy: I don’t really have a favorite at the moment. Honestly, that’s like choosing which child to love more; you’re always going to pick the one who makes you the most money out on the street.

Ryan: It’s not on our record, but it should have been, because Umbrella by Rihanna is too good.

AH: Is there anyone right now who you would love to do a split record with?
Devon: Taylor Swift and Sass Dragons.

Campy: Dude, Taylor Swift is so hot. If you listen to our tracks hard enough, you can actually hear us getting erections in the background. Sass Dragons are okay.

Ryan: Larry & His Flask. (serious answer)

AH:Who would you describe as your main influences, musical or otherwise?
Devon: I don’t know, honestly. I get excited about everything, and have literally been listening to Cher Lloyd’s ‘Want U Back" on repeat for a week now. I know; That’s not that cool. It sits on a playlist with Descendents, Hall & Oates, Andrew W.K., and Death Cab for Cutie. Although, if it wasn’t for seeing Reel Big Fish when I was younger, I would have never learned to play the guitar.

Campy: Devon’s joking. He’s never learned to play guitar, but I digress. I don’t particularly have any actual influences anymore, but I grew up listening to things like: Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Styx, and Queen, and I currently listen to things like Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Styx, and Queen. Some people never grow up, and other people stay just as awesome as they were the day they were born. I’m the latter half of that statement.

Ryan: Kenny Chesney, Slayer, Kelly Clarkson, Insane Clown Posse, Bad Religion, and lots of Dutch Rap. That shit’s dope.

AH: I can definitely hear some very specific bands that come to mind when I listen, not giving the game away could you guess who?
Devon: I wish you would have said who! I rip off a LOT of people. Maybe one day we can sit around sipping coffee while I comb through the plagiarism on Never Punt, and, by coffee, I mean making out.

Campy: That’s not cool, man, I already hit on her. You can’t just go stepping on my toes like that. I called dibs.

Ryan: Seriously guys, just listen to it: YOU CAN STAND UNDER MY UMBRELLA, ELLA, ELLA, AY, AY, AY!

AH: What bands have you recently played with / discovered (new or old) that you think Already Heard readers should check out?
Devo: The PriceDuifkes are rad. Truman & his Trophy is one of my FAVORITE Chicago bands. You should also check out Dethwarrent and give the 20 Belows a holla. They’re from across the pond, or whatever.

Campy: We recently played with this group you may have heard of; they’re called Bomb! the Music Industry. Also check out Masked Intruder from Madison, WI. They are awesome dudes, and their stage shtick is incredible.

Ryan: Boy Blue & The Whole Damn Town, But we haven’t played with either of them, I just really like them and they should be heard.

AH: If you had the option to travel to one place to play your music where would it be?
Campy: Where do hot chicks usually hangout? I want to go to there, because most of our shows are a veritable dude soup whose main ingredients are beards, sweat, and perpetual shirtlessness.

Devon: What Campy said. Seriously, I would tear up ALL the vagina if I ever saw some!

Ryan: Australia, just so I can say g’day without people looking at me funny.

AH: The UK is a great place to be for music right now, are there any UK bands you’re really interested in?
Devon: This band called The Beatles are pretty cool. Also check out Boston, I think they are from over there.

Campy: The U what?

Ryan: Enter Shikari used to be my buzz in high school. They’re still a great band, but I’m not as into the heavier side of rock that much anymore.

AH: I’ll be visiting The Fest in Gainesville for my second year this October. Can you recommend myself and other UK travellers bands not to miss?
Devon: Direct Hit! shouldn’t be missed, we will be putting on a less than average show for you kiddies and babies. You MUST check out the 20 Belows, and if you want to see me, just go anywhere there is ska.

Campy: Those fucks didn’t invite us to play, so I don’t care. I’m egocentric that way.

Ryan: Sounds like a sausage fest to me. I’ll definitely be there!

AH: re there any more things you’d like our readers to know?
Devon: I’d like to let them know that we are super thankful for you and anyone who took a second to read this, or listen to our shitty tunes. This is a fun thing for us to do, and it’s nice to know someone has heard it. Now for a rumor: our drummer Ryan was born a girl.

Campy: We’re gay.


‘Never Punt’ by Devon Kay & The Solutions is available now on Johann’s Face Records

Devon Kay and The Solutions’ split with The Ambulance Review is also available now Artistic Integrity Records.

Devon Kay & The Solutions links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Youtube

Words by Rosie Kerr (@RosieKerr)

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