Album Review: Oceans Red – Anevidence

Oceans Red - AnevidenceIf you heard that a bunch of eastern Europeans had combined post-hardcore and electronica, you’d probably expect it to sound mental. Okay, it does, but is actually ground-breaking stuff executed with a proficiency that belies expectation. I’m pretty sure that if this had come out earlier, it would have been a contender for record of the year.

The electronics begin on the atmospheric title track, ‘Anevidence’, which serves as an intro to Falling with its similar electro sound underlying the noise. The noise is a raucous scream, a melodic emo vocal, soaring synths/guitar lines, crunching riffs and some badass beats – very much the sound of now.

The album is sonically intense, from the frantic ‘The Death Round’ which cuts back and forth with some subtle time changes, through the electro-punk frenzy of ‘Daydreamer’, to ‘If For Good Meant Forever’ with its heavy use of cross-fader. There’s also a hint of nu-metal in the mix, but it has been taken to another level along with their chaotic sound.

There’s the occasional break in the intensity, like on the spoken word ‘Images’, with its moody synths, the calmly atmospheric ‘Utopia’ and the acoustic ‘Riot’, which is rather nice, providing some sweet relief. Chuck in some ambient picking on ‘Misguided’ and haunting piano on ‘Circles’, although both tracks rip it up as chaotically as the rest.

My favourite track is the furious ‘Black Spot’ with its horrible prog-like opening riff and suitably rough vocal, before it races away to a resoundingly epic midsection and some nice electronic touches near the end. The ballad-esque ‘Eternal Hearts’ is also a winner.

The end result is a superbly constructed festival of noise, neatly reflecting the barrage of information we receive on a daily basis. Occasionally it’s a little overwhelming, but overall it’s pretty damn excellent.


‘Anevidence’ by Oceans Red is out now.

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Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)

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