Album Review: Disembarked – I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left


I’ve heard nothing but good things about bands from Sweden lately, there’s obviously quite a scene out there and receiving this EP has now given me a chance to find out why. From the first track I’m in. I’m “jumping on the bandwagon”, and to say this is the first chance of hearing something from Sweden, I’m either incredibly lucky to hear something good, or the hype is real and there is something in the water out there.

‘Abscond’ jumps straight into it, not giving a chance to ease into something so adrenaline filled, so intense. The guitars are melodic, the drums are a powerhouse of force and drive, and the vocals that while in other bands may drag a bit, are the perfect accompaniment to everything else. The atmospheric lead parts pulled me in further – very reminiscent of bands such as Explosions In The Sky – and adds a whole new level to what I’ve just been bombarded with from the get go (and have loved every minute of it).

There’s no time to take in what’s just been heard as ‘Unwanted But Chosen Pt.I’ starts. Only now have I noticed that this EP is just over 11 minutes long, which is pretty impressive for a 5 track – unless you’re in a punk band. As the song finishes it leads into ‘Pillars Pt.II’ that although starts slow, continues into another full attack on your ears with the perfect melodic touches needed.

‘Bewildered’ takes a little more time than the previous tracks to really get into it, and actually breaks down to an atmospheric break that I’d hoped would be included from the start of the EP. This song started off a little weak but came back so strong that it’s now my favourite track. So, so good.

There is no halting Disembarked, as ‘Flags Of Our Fathers’ brings the EP to a close. While all the instruments take the backseat, it gives Pontus a chance to stand out, and what a perfect way to close the EP.

For a band that I’ve never heard before, from a country’s scene I haven’t heard anything from before, there really aren’t many words I can use to explain what I’ve just endured (in the most positive way) except wow. Just wow. Screamed vocals can be overdone, and are used so much in music now that it flies over my head and into the rest of the stupidly similar sounding bands, but Disembarked have harnessed the music to fit with the screaming and maintain the direction that it all needs. Having to listen to a lot of new music I’ve come to realise that a lot of bands fit into the same categories and make the same mistakes with clichés and such, so when I hear something that stands out and really makes me listen I can’t help but love it. And that is exactly what has happened here. 11 minutes is too short for an EP of this calibre, but Disembarked got across everything they needed to say and now all I want to do it hear more. I’m a fan.


‘I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left’ by Disembarked is released on the 22nd April on Dog Knights Productions.

Disembarked links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Callum McPhee (@Callum0510)

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