Album Review: Zoax – Zoax

It’s been three years since London rock piece Zoax formed and since then have undoubtedly been working hard to cement themselves in the music world with two EP’s already released. With their distinctive bold sound, Zoax’s shiny new self-titled record is one of the most exciting new releases of 2016 so far and shows the band to be far much more than just a passing intrigue.

Opening the album, groovy but choppy riffs greet us with lead single ‘Bad Blood’ which introduces us to their mix of gruff harsh vocals, polished cleans and a well delivered touch of controversy in the track. Snappy guitars introduce ‘Devil Dance’ followed by the exclamation of “WHY SO SERIOUS?!”, later leading you to realise the song is anything but. You simply cannot help but smile as a bouncy, heavy dance-esque breakdown kicks in mid-song. The apparent light-heartedness and random as hell tempo changes ensure this track as a firm favourite only two songs in. ‘Roses All The Way’ is perfectly structured and is carried by possibly the most catchy simplistic riff in existence.


Later on, ‘The Wave’ relaxes for a moment with its atmospheric clean guitar tones, crisp drum fills and a calm rasp to the vocals but later kicks into a heavy hitting but melodic sequence midway, only to later return to a post rock calmness. ‘KYSCHIA’ is bouncier than ever with an almost djent-esque introduction and is a go-to heavy song. ‘King And Queen’ is another standout with poignant lyrics harshly displayed in the most catchy tempo. Final track ‘Slán’ is brilliantly abrupt in closing the album and ends with a floating melodic finish, giving you a moment to take in the album as a whole.

Without doubt ‘Zoax’ is the most refreshing listen I’ve had so far this year. A faultless take on modern rock rarely heard elsewhere, this will not be an album to be forgotten.


‘Zoax’ by Zoax is released on May 13th on Century Media Records.

Zoax links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|YouTube

Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_)

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