Album Review: You’ll Live – Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried.

imageHailing all the way from South Florida, You’ll Live has concocted a new four track EP of screamo/post-punk goodness. These four tracks encompass a reflective tale wrapped in a shroud of downtrodden and mordant music which is both harsh and light.

Musically the band utilise 90s-influenced screamo with a progressive indie/post-punk styling that swirls itself through the motions. To go into detail, there’s angst filled yells that contrast smoothly with plucked sorrow-filled notes which borderline on ambiance and dances with bass and drums. This follows a steady flow on ‘Lost’ but the tempo picks up on the likes of ‘Forgotten’ before dropping into a steady flux which picks itself up once more towards the end. After the screams have ceased a third of the way through last track ‘Buried’, there is an instrumental bow out which shows the music being the centrepiece of the bands sombre yet bright output.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried. by You’ll Live</a>

What is it the vocalist is yelling about? Well, the angst reflects the stages in coming terms with the end of a bitter relationship. The song names identify these four stages to the letter; themes and emotions of self-doubt, loneliness, bitterness and the like spring out with contempt and acceptance.

This second EP from You’ll Live is a very well-crafted piece of music that revels in the emotions found in a post relationship situation. Angst-filled screams reflect the rough-edged, murky nature in the feeling and min set of the individual. All the while, dancing around the vocals are the ambient-esque melodies and beating punk heart of the band’s enticing music. You’ll Live is a fine example of a band utilising a dischordant mindset in a genre such as this.


‘Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried.’ By You’ll Live is released on 7th October on Dog Knights Productions.

You’ll Live links: Facebook|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)


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