Album Review: Wicked Snakes – Lead Me to the Sun

imageTaking a firm grasp on a psychedelic mix of heavy metal, rock, sludge and subtle progressive elements, Wicked Snakes’ first EP is nothing short of sensational in its delivery.

Only forming this year, the quartet have seamlessly been hard at work with creating a blissfully fun, sun drenched effort that spans 7 tracks in the vein of Cancer bats or an angrier Baroness.

The album starts with ‘A Ceremony’ easing a tender bluesy introduction that explodes into a straight forward beat, which is bruising to say the lease. The chorus has these galloping guitars, which have a reminiscing western feel to them. These completely change the direction of the song without making it seem contrived but keeps the energy going too.

‘Death Notes’ has this recurring doomy strung out riff, which is beyond worthy of a good headbang. Mixed in around the half way point is an epic solo Zakk Wylde would be proud busting out himself.

Title track ‘Lead Me To The Sun’ guitar tone sounds like it was lifted straight from one of Mastodons more recent albums with its earthy clean twang. Continuing with this of one of the friendlier tracks on ‘Lead Me To The Sun’ that has a progressive groove lightly carved into it.

Finishing off this EP is 7-minute leviathan ‘Choirs’ that has the most substantial progressive use. Going from mammoth drawn out chords and striking drums to quiet more mellow moments, this outro track is a perfect closer to the more animated tracks previous.

Wicked Snakes have created a formidable EP, which for a first release is an achievement. Combining well-written songs with incredibly catchy song structures, infectious riffs and a sordid vibe ‘Lead Me To The Sun’ has earned itself a place in one of this reviewer’s favourite EP’s this year.


‘Lead Me To The Sun’ by Wicked Snakes is out now on A Wolf At Your Door

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Words by Grant Fullick

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