Album Review: Vera Grace – The Lucifer Effect EP

imageI’m not really sure about this post-hardcore genre lately; i’ve seen all bands that have dominated it progress and become more successful and I’m not sure how it’s seen by their peers.

‘Carrier’ doesn’t hold back on the clichés. The introduction brought in by the drumbeat has been done before countless times but when done well I guess you can get past it. The screamed vocals somewhat reminiscent of Sam Carter from Architects, changing pitch between words, similar to Architects’ latest album. An obvious influence, but overdone and draws away from the song. The guitar work is admirable; complex riffs and time signatures defining the song and giving the band a specific direction. Not bad overall but I hear an Architects influence, and I know I would complain if they sounded too similar, but this just feels like it’s lacking.

Being a guitarist I listen to a lot of metal; I always admire guitar work and how it’s applied to genres, and the highlight of Vera Grace’s sound is the guitar work. I can hear other influences such as Devil Sold His Soul coming through which is a good thing. ‘Restless King’ holds the weight from the opening track, standing out more, with a dark beatdown definitely worthy of circle pits. A great way to close the track.

Now my ears are starting to perk up, if that’s possible? A delay ridden clean guitar opening ‘The Father’s Eyes’, leading into an atmospheric track worthy of Devil Sold His Soul. An obvious choice for an EP, an easier song to listen to, almost a ballad, but not in the bad cheesy way it’s often done. The EP’s saving grace, showing that Vera Grace can write something that holds up to their peers.

Closing the EP, the title track ‘The Lucifer Effect’, opening slower than the previous efforts, but brings the EP to a close in a great way, showing the band’s true potential. The song is an example of how the atmosphere can be applied to their heavier work, and with mighty guitar work, its obvious these guys work great together.

Its a shame music progresses so fast, because there’s potential with this EP, it just seems its a little late to the scene. The music released by their peers and obvious influences have more melodic elements to it now, and while Vera Grace are obviously standing their ground – strongly may I add – there is nothing new and interesting, with the constant screaming getting a bit too much sometimes. It’s only an EP and from what I’ve managed to find out about them, they’re a relatively new band, so they obviously have more to bring to the scene. Its just a shame they didn’t manage to show it now.


‘The Lucifer Effect’ EP by Vera Grace is available now.

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Words by Callum McPhee (@Callum0510)

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