Album Review: Troubled Coast – I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You EP

Sometimes, you may miss a band. And then when you finally hear them you think “how come I haven’t heard this band before?” I’m sure we’ve all had a similar instance, right? Well I’m very pleased that I won’t be saying that about Troubled Coast. I ask you now to keep reading as I inform you of a band who may have otherwise slipped under your radar.

Please welcome Troubled Coast; a post hardcore septet who fuse together the best parts of Seahaven, Balance And Composure and La Dispute into a blender and dish it up on the shouting verse/singing chorus structure similar to UnderOATH and Alexisonfire.

On paper, it sounds great and on ‘I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You,’ it thankfully delivers. If you’re into any of the aforementioned bands, then you should be able to find something to like amongst these four tracks. 

‘Patient Hands’ is an explosive intro to the EP as any and the La Dispute-inspired spoken vocals pay focus in the other 3 tracks. The final, ‘The First Night Of The New World’ sounding more like La Dispute musically whereas ‘La Jetee’ brings us the spoken vocals with the noughties formula.

The only problem with ‘I’ve Been Thinking…’, is that it leaves you yearning for more. If the bands aim was to leave fans wanting a full-length, then they’ve certainly succeeded.

We wait with much anticpation for what Troubled Coast do next.


‘I Was Thinking About Leaving You’ by Troubled Coast is available now on Pure Noise Records.

Troubled Coast links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Big Cartel

Words by Michael Brown

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