Album Review: Transit – Listen & Forgive

Shivers. That would be the single word I would use to describe Listen & Forgive. It seems overly fitting and it’s not very often that I listen to an album and on over the 20th listen still get shivers down my spine.

Transit signed to Rise Records late last year, a label known for their many post hardcore/screamo bands that many would think sound the same. A slight change in tactic then, by signing Transit and their friends in Man Overboard, jumping onto the recent haul of outstanding pop punk bands in the past few years. But boy, what a tactic; Transit could easily be the label’s best signing. One listen through of Listen & Forgive and you’ll quickly realise exactly why.

Listen & Forgive seems to be more relaxed when compared to their previous full-length outing, Keep This To Yourself. The catchy chorus-filled songs are still there on every song; very remnant of pop punk, but the verses have more of a relaxed, twiddly emo approach; very much in the style of American Football, which is another genre being brought back and revived in its proper light. It may sound like an odd combination, but it really isn’t. I’m yet to pin point what it is exactly about this niche they’ve found themselves in, but it’s certainly working and I hope it’s a comfortable place for them to stay.

Lyrically, the album talks about many topics you’d expect, but the words and vocals of Joe Boynton are so much more in depth and realistic, that you’ll sympathise and connect with this record instantly. All Your Heart showcases Joe’s feelings towards those online who slate his bands music. Taking this, and as he says so himself “you made me into a monster, so I made you into art” he turns it back to them, and this album will surely silence some of those who weren’t so keen in the past.

I’ve found it quite hard to actually sum up this album and write about it, because as cliché as it sounds, it does actually leave me speechless. There’s so much good within this record, that it would take too long for me to explain what makes it so great, and I’m sure I’ll find more things as I listen to it every day for the foreseeable future. The best way for you to understand is to simply listen to the album for yourself. Go and purchase Listen & Forgive and learn for yourself and understand what makes it so great.

Shivers. That’s all I can say.


Listen & Forgive by Transit is available now on Rise Records.

Transit: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Youtube

Words by Michael Brown (@MikeyMiracle)


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