Album Review: TheCityIsOurs – Wildfire EP

Only a year into their journey and TheCityIsOurs have had a fair crack at this music thing already. Sharing the stage with a A-List selection of peers and letting their music spread across the land like a plague, the London based bruisers have built up nicely to the release of their debut EP ‘Wildfire’. Luckily it seems all the previous hype was not wasted, as the band has pulled off quite the doozy.

To be honest, the post-hardcore sound that TheCityIsOurs produce is by no stretch a style we haven’t heard before. The difference between them and many other bands though is they actually do it well. Monstrous breakdowns and bone snapping riffs wrap themselves around majestic vocals and sky-high melodies to make for a thoughtful yet rip roaring 15 minutes of music that doesn’t feel stale and rehashed, rather vibrant and dangerous.

‘Dry Your Eyes’ and ‘Lungs’ are desolating slabs of punishing grooves and unbridled passion while closer ‘The Life In You’ shifts the pace from vicious to sentimental with sweeping waves of sound coating themselves in lyrics from the deepest corners of the heart. This is how heavy British music should be. Brimming with party starting power but with enough grit and reality to be relatable and important. It’s apparent that TheCityIsOurs know that want to achieve and nail the point in the most mosh pit worthy manner that they can.

With not a lot of time to do it in, ‘Wildfire’ manages to bridge the fine gap between piercing brutality and haunting melody with relative ease. The level of songwriting on display shows off levels of maturity and control that far surpasses the experience of TheCityIsOurs and gives off the feeling that there is still a hell of gas left in the tank for something even more special to materialize from the band. Proper watch-this-space stuff.


‘Wildfire’ EP by TheCityIsOurs is out now.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)

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