Album Review: The Tower and The Fool – How Long

With their late 2011 7" release Providence, RI’s The Tower and The Fool left a strong impression with just two songs, ‘Die Alone’ and ‘NYC’. Both tracks had a raw, lyrical tenderness that was endearing and compelling. Most importantly it gave the six-piece plenty of potential and hope. Thankfully with ‘How Long,’ they have fulfilled that potential and have provided a delicate, concise collection of Americana blues rock that is thorough and direct.

From start to finish, the bands tales of lost love and open sincerity leaves you gently hooked. Opener ‘Dive Bar’ is a breezy indie rock number that settles you into the record until ‘Scoliosis’ nicely pulls on your heart strings as Chris Rosenquest raw vocals pull you in. It has the same tenderness that existed on the aforementioned 7" and it fully remains intact on ‘How Long’. Tracks likeBroken’ and ‘How Long’ are examples of this and shows the bands laid back, gentle approach in a strong light.

I’ll admit for some The Tower and The Fool’s soft style may not be for all, however they do have the ability to be slightly livelier in places; ’Fade Away’ sees Rosenquest go back-and-forth with the bands other vocalist Alex Correia as they both showcase neat, mature pop sensibilities that does not alienate listeners or spoil the records momentum.

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Another characteristic of TTATF is their use of blues and country; ‘Valentine’s Day’ sees the use of stringent guitars complimenting Correia’s warming vocals. Whereas ‘Breach’ is a late highlight that has a playful charm with its plucky folk undertone and impactful lyrics; “Got a problem,’ he said/’I don’t believe in God anymore’/’How did the water breach the shores?”

On a sidenote, ‘Die Alone’ and ‘NYC’ (now known as ‘My Heart Is Dead In NYC’) are thankfully included with the latter sounding fuller with light harmonies and appreciative drumwork giving it a more atmospheric tone.

With a collection of lyrically intriguing and compelling songs which don’t musically outstretch themselves, The Tower and The Fool have produced a consistent record with well-crafted songs that show maturity from start to finish. A warming and welcomed record that justifies the bands potential.


‘How Long’ by The Tower and The Fool is out now on Run For Cover Records.

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Words by Sean Reid

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