Album Review: The Static Age/Featuring Yourself – Split EP


With split EP’s, you’ve always got the possibility that one band will produce an incredible track, whilst the other may create something that’s a little…drab. Or you could just end up with an EP that is a stinking pile of rubbish.

Thankfully, The Static Age and Featuring Yourself have teamed up to create a solid split. The Static Age, a trio hailing from Chicago, kick off proceedings with ‘Mistakes Worth Making’. Melodic riffs are combined with soaring and atmospheric vocals, before they launch into a cover of Featuring Yourself’s ‘Abyss’. Haunting, poignant piano keys open this track, before weathered vocals come into play. Textured and stunningly unique riffs overlap with quietly strong drumming.

The table flips to allow Germany’s Featuring Yourself to havetheir turn. Opening with electronic synths, ‘Ghosts’ is a sweet pop track, with melachonly harmonies and smooth vocals. Their cover of The Static Age’s ‘Eulogy’ has a slight more upbeat tempo; saucy riffs and rhythmic drumming blend, creating an energetic end to this short EP.

Split EPs are quite difficult to gauge, especially if the featured bands are completely different in terms of genre. But this split works well, with both bands creating solid tracks that are going to be well received upon their release.


‘Split EP’ by The Static Age/Featuring Yourself is out on the 19th April on Highwires/Flix Records and Cargo Records.

The Static Age links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

Featuring Yourself Links: Facebook|MySpace

Words by Jess Tagliani (@JessTagliani)


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