Album Review: The Jealous Sound – A Gentle Reminder (Deluxe Edition)

imageIt is the norm nowadays for bands who switch record labels in the middle of an album promotional cycle to re-release said album with additional content. The reasons for this vary from time to time, in the case of The Jealous Sound, this has been done to introduce themselves to the fan base of a particular label that may not be familiar with the band or the music/genre that is associated. This label is none other than Rise Records, who in the past have been renowned for putting out metalcore and pop punk but more recently have started signing established bands that are firmly rooted in the punk and indie communities.

As a record, ‘A Gentle Reminder’ unfurls gentle melodies basked in melancholic reflective atmosphere and lyrics, which house a huge soundscape of the most saddest and epic proportions. The likes of ‘Promise Of The West’ and ‘Your Eyes Were Shining’ display intricate musicianship that twinkles in a deepening and sorrowful gloom amongst the soft beautiful vocals of Blair Shehan. The songs that covet the original foundation of this record really give a reminder at how much hard work was put into this album’s recording during the band’s time at the Foo Fighters’ 606 studios, courtesy of Nate Mendel, who plays bass on this record. This was certainly worth the wait for fans that had waited for 4 years of new material and nine years for a new full length after it was originally released last year; the reissued format reminds one of this.

Yet how does the additional material mould with the original album? Well, the content and background of these added songs should be noted; these 4 tracks include the band’s 2008 EP ‘Got Friends’ and a new song. Overall they add an extra portion which will delight current fans and further entice new ones into the band’s soothing and relaxing aura. In regards to new song ‘Full Rewind’ it provides the usual enjoyable and sombre tunings that you would expect but still keep you under the band’s wondrous notes.

Whilst some may see this reissue as pointless and unnecessary, it does provide an introduction for the followers of Rise Records as to what The Jealous Sound is all about. It won’t be until 2014, when fans, both old and new, will be treated to some new material, but for now this reissue, and a further one of the band’s first two records released a decade ago will keep us in wonder at how brilliant The Jealous Sound are.


‘A Gentle Reminder’ (Deluxe Edition) by The Jealous Sound is available on the 5th February on Rise Records.

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Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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