Album Review: The Hiding Place – So This Is Home EP

imageHailing from Stoke-on-Trent, The Hiding Place are just one of many emerging UK acts looking to grab the eyes and ears of new listeners with their latest EP ‘So This Is Home’. On first listen it doesn’t leave a lasting impression, yet on further expectations there is potential even if opening track ‘Maybe You’ll Drown’ isn’t the ideal start. It’s ambient, slow-burning intro is uncomfortable yet the quintet soon find their feet with ‘Guts’. Led by stirring, confident guitars and pounding drums, the track is an energetic number that produces strong display from vocalist Dominic Webber. It’s easy to understand why this is the EP’s lead single. It’s catchy and is the stand out track on here.

However, this EP isn’t a one song wonder as ‘Barfly’ keeps up the momentum with a harmonised chorus and raw, punk-esque guitars. The combination of it’s frantic, restless tempo and the theme of relying on alcohol to forget personal troubles, plays off well.

‘The Whole World Is Ending In My Head’ takes the foot of the pedal with the quiet-loud dynamic coming into play. Whilst its not as effective as I may have hoped, it still allows Webber to show off his versatility as a vocalist with the climax of aggressive guitars and vocals coming off as rewarding.

Final track ‘Long Winters’ rounds off the EP in a decent fashion. With its melodic vocals, soaring chorus and driving instrumentation, it competes with ‘Guts’ as an EP highlight. It ends the record on a positive note and wishes you wanting extra.

For The Hiding Place, ‘So This Is Home’ gives them a strong foundation to build on. Whilst songs like ‘Maybe You’ll Drown’ and ‘The Whole World Is Ending In My Head’ played off the bands’ willingness to explore their sound and take a more ambient route, it’s ‘Guts’ and ‘Long Winters’ which puts THP in a stronger position. Their confident approach towards producing raw, upbeat and catchy alt-rock is striking and perhaps more importantly, rewarding.

It may not take them to upper echelons of the UK rock scene, but with ‘So This Is Home’, it’s clear The Hiding Place have potential.


‘So This Is Home’ EP by The Hiding Place is out now.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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