Album Review: The Cut Ups – Building Bridge. Starting Here

Currently in the UK Punk Rock scene, there has been a revival in brilliant song-writing and a refreshing vibe from the music being conducted that is wonderful for the ears. Alongside their peers, Crazy Arm and Apologies, I Have None, Exeter’s The Cut Ups are a part of this aforementioned revival, and prove this with their second LP, ‘Building Bridges. Starting Here’; an enjoyable collection of songs rooted in DIY ethics and relatable subject matter.

With help from producer Peter Miles (The King Blues, We Are The Ocean), The Cut Ups have managed to capture a very English sounding punk record; something that is in the same vein of The Clash and Billy Bragg.

Upon closer inspection on what flows through these veins are memory wrapping guitar melodies and easy head nodding basslines and percussion which provide a soundtrack that is easy to get into. Every now and again the band keep things interesting with the added tokens and niches that help to get their music injected firmly into the ear canal, whether it’s the violins on ‘Exeter’ or the happy sounds of a piano/organ found on ‘Torches’ and ‘Teenage Danclub’. Vocal contributions from occasional member Pippa Wragg Smith compliment nicely on the aforementioned tracks and really shine out when she takes the lead on ‘Another Bad Mood’.

In regards to the themes, the band perfectly moulds the personal and political on a fine balancing scale of perfection allowing room for all subjects including pacificism, friendships, relationships, and cries for the halt of political greed. All in all, these are subjects that are carried with such undeniable honesty and passion via the enjoyable musical framework.

Overall, whilst there is a small push needed to make this record spark true awe and inspiration, it succeeds its main goal in providing a very well rounded melodic punk rock album that will make you smile, dance, and most importantly make you think and reflect.


‘Building Bridges. Starting Here by The Cut Ups is out now on Household Name Records.

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Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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