Album Review: Superheaven – Ours Is Chrome

Superheaven may have changed their name from Daylight, but their sound remains the same. New album ‘Ours is Chrome’ could easily have been released 20 years ago- its that good. From the first 30 seconds of ‘I’ve Been Bored’, it is clear the album is soaked with the best kind of 90s nostalgia.

Bands are often criticised for releasing the same album time and time again, and although ‘Ours is Chrome’ isn’t 100 miles away from first record ‘Jar’ sonically, it is exactly what every fan wanted it to be. The chunky guitar riffs and thunderous drums are here by the bucketload. The crushing distorted guitar riffs provide the perfect backdrop for Taylor Madison’s signature growl.

‘I’ve Been Bored’ is the perfect opener to the record. It’s equal parts Weezer and Title Fight. The catchy but heavy riffs mesh perfectly with Madison’s sombre lyrics,”They killed everything. I’m falling asleep” a fine example of the mood of this track, if not the whole record. One of the best things about Superheaven is the way that Madison tackles sensitive and often saddening subjects without losing any of the punch and grit that comes with the grunge territory.

‘Leach’ offers something different, its chorus-laden, clean guitar intro soon giving way to another massive riff. Superheaven keep it interesting by throwing in an unexpected tempo change halfway through. This is probably my favourite song on the album, it just encapsulates their sound so well and shows how far they have come since the last LP in 2013.

‘Ours is Chrome’ is as consistent a record you’ll hear all year with highlights throughout; ‘Next To Nothing’ features lead guitarist Jake Clarke on vocals, his drone style of singing reinforcing the slow dreamy feel of the verse while the chorus riff will stick in your head for days. ‘From the Chest Down’ is a six minute epic that strays from the more familiar pop structures. The low bass grumble gives it an almost Deftones feel, before kicking in with an angular post-hardcore style riff. Madison and Clarke trade vocals and riffs seamlessly throughout the record and this track is a perfect example.

Overall ‘Ours is Chrome’ is simply outstanding. It is the sound of a band truly coming into their own. The songwriting is absolutely fantastic and each track just oozes confidence. Superheaven have taken their old sound and refined it to create probably the best rock record of 2015 so far. ‘Ours is Chrome’ is made up of 11 stellar tracks that flow together effortlessly. We will be headbanging to this all summer long.


’Ours is Chrome’ by Superheaven is out now on SideOneDummy Records.

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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)

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