Album Review: Subsource – Generation Doom EP

Meet Britain’s answer to honest dubstep punk Subsource, a quartet whose presence wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry. Sharing the stage with successes Enter Shikari and Skindred to name but a few the band are back with ‘Generation Doom’, an explosive set of tracks that form the 6-track EP.

Compared to the likes of Pendulum and The Prodigy, Subsource takes electronica to a new level exploring the depths of dubstep punk and producing a fresh, uplifting sound. As track ‘The Feeding’ rightly exclaims: “Who says what genre to limit to, screw that. Just play whatever you want.”

Subsource are the type of band that would sound massive live, undoubtedly so with the tracks on ‘Generation Doom’. Take ‘Molotov’, a ferocious number that takes the elements of drum and bass, blends them with punk and develops a killer opening to a killer record.

The Feeding’ has potential to be a favourite off of the record, a track whose introduction builds into an energetic noise fusion leading into sing-a-long choruses that call for interactivity with the listener. This can also be said for ‘Lay You Out’ and ‘Anarchy’ whose big beats and memorable vocals produce contagious sounds. Concluding track ‘Kill The Thief’ makes for a powerful ending to the record, a perfect way to round off the previous five tracks and making me itch for more to the point where I headed straight back to the beginning for another listen.

Generation Doom’ is an outstanding EP for those who are fans of Pendulum and the like and as pointed out by many others Subsource are definitely ones to watch out for this year. Their successful fuse of dubstep and punk has led to the production of an admirable release and I can only imagine that these tracks would make for an exceptional live set. Best served loud. 


‘Generation Doom’ by Subsource is released on August 6th through Doombox Recordings.

Subsource links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud|Youtube

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)

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