Album Review: Sights & Sounds – Silver Door

When I first heard that the lead vocalist of Comeback Kid had a side project, I definitely did not expect to hear what is on this short and to the point EP. What can only be described as indie rock with a hardcore punk twist, it is an interesting yet catchy sound they have produced which works really well.

‘Poli’s Song’ starts the EP off with some catchy indie style guitar work as drums and bass come in a nice lead piano and organ sound is layered on top. Neufeld’s vocals are a mixture of rough and smooth, back and forth between shouting and softly singing it’s interesting to hear over such a light sounding song.

A song on the EP that verges on being the catchiest is ‘Cards In Place’ which has a slow melodic dual vocal intro, with a catchy chorus coming in halfway through. It finishes with a heavy bass line, a guitar solo and some final dual melodic vocals. The EP of course has a more heavy sounding song in the form of ‘Nothing At All’, heavy guitars mixed with some melodic flourishes and some slow running vocals bring another element to the EP.

Moving back and forth between some slow echo lead guitar riffs and some lead guitar solos with powering riffs the song ‘Hold On Me’ is a standout track for me. Just for the two contrasting guitar sounds that come through and the soft and shouting vocals make the song interesting.

The last two tracks of the EP are very different from each other, ‘Solo, So Low’ is a slow and sombre starting song that changes into fast punk riffs halfway through. ‘Good Morning’ is a more straight rock song and brings the rock feel to the EP, upbeat and happy the lyrics are simple and effective “good morning, good morning, good morning, thank you” are repeated. This happy go lucky song finishes the EP well; refreshing, catchy and upbeat it’s a great little EP.


‘Silver Door’ by Sights & Sounds is out now on Pure Noise Records.

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Words by Aaron Wilson

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