Album Review: Saint [The] Sinner – Masquerades EP

 Saint [the] Sinner - Masquerades EP With one foot in theatrical rock territory and the other in angst ridden hardcore, Saint [The] Sinner are something of a surprise package, not only are they British, they are also pretty damn good.

‘Theatre of Broken Dreams’ shows off their hard riffing but grandiose theatrical sound, with a guttural hardcore vocal on the verses and a quality melodic chorus with a good hook. It’s interesting stuff and the formula works equally well on the slightly manic ‘First Blood’, which is more aggressive but drops a killer hook in, “I can almost taste it on your tongue.”

When they invert the formula and lead with the more melodic vocal it works even better, as on the frantic ‘Left for Dead’ and the grandiose ‘She’s a Vampire’, packed with interesting twists and turns; they certainly know how to write a catchy tune.

‘Set it Off’ is no less competent, though the melodic vocal doesn’t fit so well alongside such brutal riffage and although ‘Asylum’ is a great track in its own right, it’s just a little similar to everything that’s gone before.

Nevertheless, this is a very good record, overflowing with super heavy riffs and super catchy hooks.


‘Masquerades EP’ by Saint [The] Sinner is released on 31st October.

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Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)

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