Album Review: ROMP – Departure From Venus


If Tinder ever wants to branch out from its core USP, then it could use New Jersey oiks ROMP as the exhibit A for this brave new world. You see, ROMP’s vocalist/keyboardist Madison Klarer and guitarist Lucas Dalakian met through the app, before deciding to combine their talents to make sweet music.

And sweet it is too. After a buzzsaw debut EP, the trio (rounded out by bassist Chris Beninato), have returned with ‘Departure From Venus’, an enjoyable if undemanding slice of punk-lite power pop.

There’s little new about the sound of ROMP, and fans of bands such as Kittyhawk or Motion City Soundtrack will find lots to enjoy about the bouncy keyboard-driven pop-rock of ‘Come Undone’ or ‘Backfire’. That said, Klarer has an edge to her voice that ensures there’s a punch to the lyrics that set ROMP apart from their peers – especially on the punchy ‘Get Off The Scale’.

Departure from Venus by ROMP

Perhaps aware that too much of a good thing would dilute the impact, ‘Departure From Venus’ is mercifully short too. Nine songs rattle along in well under 25 minutes, and each one screams ‘hit single’. The result is an album with little to no filler, and one that doesn’t get tiresome. It’s well-judged, well-played stuff and one which should find an audience comfortably.

Ultimately, ‘Departure From Venus’ will not change the world, nor will it seismically shift the musical landscape. But it is a fun diversion – an enjoyable romp, if you will – and a promising step in the embryonic careers of messers Klarer, Dalakian and Beninato.


’Departure From Venus’ by ROMP is released on 4th March onBad Timing Records.

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Words by Rob Mair (@BobNightMair)

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