Album Review: Rocky Loves Emily – Secrets Don’t Make Friends

Pop and rock have collided many a time, and unfortunately, most people would think of the likes of Busted and McFly when given such a genre. Now hold your horses sunshine! Hold them right there and tie them down. Pop rock can be good! Seriously. You may not like it, and you may think it’s the cheesiest thing in existence. Cheesier than cheese covered in cheese or something. Still, I quite like this album that shall be talked about in the following paragraphs.

Pop is all about hooks, riffs and catchy melodies laced in a sweet, sweet sound and nail into your head on your first listen. This is a trait that Rocky Loves Emily have and are very talented in said field! Very talented indeed. I knew all the words after my first listen (Ok, so that was certainly a superlative).

Guitars, electronics and squeaky clean vocals are all evident as expected and are matched with that crispy production, crispier than a pile of crisps covered in even more crisps (my metaphors are terrible tonight). However, there’s a few piano moments in there, which leads me onto my next paragraph.

Yeah, pop can have its slow moments as well. ‘Oil & Water’ works quite well despite being only the 4th track into the album, but ‘Dream’ really holds the album back and really plagues the flow and consistency of the album.

If this was an EP consisting of the first 6 songs I’d be all in its face. However, the main fact here is that it isn’t. It’s an album and albums have to be consistently good. This sadly, isn’t. It kind of fits into the pop cliché a bit more by having half the songs as ‘killer’ and ready to be released as singles, then the rest being a bit naff and ‘filler’.

Rocky Loves Emily certainly know how to write pop rock hits, but they need to keep them coming and rolling out of the factory like the real big hitters. Still, the good songs are pretty good. Just have an open mind and embrace the fun!


‘Secrets Don’t Make Friends’ by Rocky Loves Emily is out now on Tooth And Nail Records.

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Words by Michael Brown.

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