Album Review: Restorations – LP2


The task of reviewing new music is always made easier when the first song lets you sit back and just enjoy the music. ‘LP2’ immediately made me want to listen to the bands that have a similar sound to them – Goo Goo Dolls and The Gaslight Anthem – who I haven’t heard in so long I’d forgotten about them. With such a refreshing upbeat take on punk rock and a folk influence shining through, right from the beginning I just wanted more. 

The album opens with the simply titled ’D’, opening with each band member showing their skills on their instruments. As soon as the singing starts you can immediately hear The Gaslight Anthem similarity, while holding their own with their strong sound of powerful drums and guitars keeping the song driving forward. Leading into ‘Lets Blow Up The Sun’, sounding more punk rock than the opening song, the true strength of Restorations is still there. I really do love the raspy vocals of Jon Loudon, who stands out most on this track.

‘Civil Inattention’ has a slower feel than the previous songs, but while not standing out as much it proves that while the music is just as strong, Loudon’s voice is what stands out most in this band. Sounding quite different to the other songs, although with the bass and drums holding the groove you don’t realise you’ve grown accustomed to, ‘Kind Of Comfort’ has more of a grunge influence, with an almost psychedelic guitar sound. A powerful rock song that I have no doubt will sound great live. Following this, ‘In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe’ is another slower number, with the slide guitar carrying over the psychedelic sound. Such a relaxing song. Restorations have built a strong foundation of their own from which they can obviously write such a vast range of styles.

Back to the heavier upbeat sound, ‘New Old’ shows that this is where Loudon’s strength is best shown. With the drums pounding away, the punk rock element is obvious but Restorations’ own sound overshadows it. Leading into ‘Quit’, while now back to the slower sound, it shows that the grunge influence is strong. A song driven by a slow bass groove with a heavily effect ridden guitar, the change in sound does nothing to diminish the album’s flow. 

‘The Plan’ shows signs of the end of the album, with a slower edge to the harder driven songs. A potential single for the band, more of a ballad than the others, and is probably going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. A great song. Taking just a short moment to lead into the final song, that takes 2 minutes to build up to the sound that greeted you at the start. Its obvious why this is the song chosen to close the album, taking moments to fall back and then build up to powerful moments, its the perfect song to close the album.

I’m so impressed with this album, and I’ve no doubt everyone else will be. While taking moments to show other influences, the album doesn’t change in impact. The strong sound immediately obvious from the start is there throughout and Loudon’s stand-out raspy voice shines through consistently. ‘LP2’ is a perfect example of what Restorations are about, and what they’re capable of. I expect to hear more about this band once this album is released. 


‘LP2’ by Restorations is out on the 2nd April on SideOneDummy Records.

Restorations links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Callum McPhee (@Callum0510)

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