Album Review: Rescuer – With Time Comes The Comfort

Album Review: Rescuer – With Time Comes The Comfort

imageWhen it comes to melodic hardcore bands like Defeater, Counterparts and obviously here, Florida’s own Rescuer people tend to sneer and turn up their noses. But there is no need to because what the band has produced here is some great sounding fast paced, pounding, melodic hardcore.

From the moment the album kicks off with ‘Breathe’ it’s all systems go at full throttle, as the melodic guitar hooks weave throughout the heavy riffs it allows the raw shouting style vocals to come through with some intensity. On ‘Birds Of Prey’ ‘Shame’ and ‘Faded Youth’ they showcase some of the album’s most melodic of songs as the lead guitar cuts through the heavy riffs it gives the album a catchy and memorable feel.

The album has its really fast parts as the band blast their way through the 100 mph sounding songs ‘Settled Ground’ and ‘Bring Me Back’. Fitting in as many fast paced guitar riffs as possible into a song it never lets up and brings out some visceral vocal performances as well. Picking back up with the melodic guitar parts ‘Too Far Gone’ and ‘Tides’ power through with some thundering drums and emotional filled vocal performances.

Obviously the downfalls have to be that some of the songs do sound very similar to one another, the only way of knowing you’re on a new song is to look at your iPod/MP3 player which is a shame. If this album is to do anything it is to cement the band as one of the go to melodic hardcore bands out there at the moment. The album doesn’t hold up and doesn’t let you catch your breath as the drums and riffs really do come thick and fast.

But overall it is an impressive, strong melodic hardcore album that has everything you could want. Fast paced drums, heavy riffs, melodic guitar hooks and some of the most visceral and emotional vocals I’ve heard in a long time. For anyone who enjoys hardcore music with a bit of melody and some relentless fast drums and guitar riffs then check this album out.


‘With Time Comes The Comfort’ by Rescuer is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Aaron Wilson.

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