Album Review: Pyro, Ohio – Keepsakes

Pyro, Ohio - KeepsakesDo we really need another one of these? As overcrowded as the modern metalcore scene is, there always seems to be new non-innovators coming through the net, and Pyro, Ohio are the latest lot off the production line.

It’s got to a point where you could make a checklist of every teeth-grindingly overused metalcore clich√©, and new album ‘Keepsakes’ would be able to tick off more or less every one. Depths-of-hell screams in the verses and some ludicrously helium-abused cleans for the chorus? Check. ‘Wacky’ song titles like ‘It’s Not My Cup of Tea but I’ll Drink It’ and ‘If Only I Could Learn to Swim’? Check. Tedious breakdowns and glitchy electronics that are used to pretend there’s actually a second dimension to tripe like this? Check.

Seriously though, everything on this album has been done to death before. Credit where it’s due, Pyro, Ohio are alright at what they do, but when what they do is possibly the least original sound of modern times, that counts for next to nothing. They might make it to next year’s Warped Tour at a push, but don’t expect to hear much from them after that.


‘Keepsakes’ by Pyro, Ohio is released on November 13th.

Pyro, Ohio links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Luke Nuttall(@nuttall_luke)


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