Album Review: Pomegranate Tiger – Boundless

Pomegranate Tiger - BoundlessThese days, if you want to be in a band there is absolutely no reason to not just do it all yourself. Take for example Martin Andres, AKA Pomegranate Tiger. With a burning passion for prog, a talented set of hands and a flurry of inspiration, Martin has been churning out his own brand of riff-laced bedlam single-handedly for 3 years now. The latest endeavor being ’Boundless’, the follow up to 2013’s ‘Entities’, which proves to be another no-holds-barred journey into the deep unknown.

It cannot be avoided that with such a frenzied and varied array of instrumental majesty, ‘Boundless’ is not one of the straightest-forward of listens. It is not an album to be stuck on as background music. It is there is be concentrated on. To be absorbed and dissected. To be scrutinized and memorized. Every detail put in to be picked up and laundered. Every single second of music is another piece of patchwork on the tapestry.

With that in mind, it is clear to see the unrestrained genius hiding behind Pomegranate Tiger. Opener ‘Manifesto’ pitter-patters with fret-bending freedom. ‘The Masked Ball’ sprawls and spirals with underlying ambience and soaring heaviness, while ‘Billions And Billions’ and ‘With Knives As Teeth’ batter with tectonic stomps and darkened malice. By channeling such a kaleidoscope of textures, feelings and sounds, Martin Andres seeps his way into your subconscious and uses his musical creation to guide you through your most delicate and debauched nerves.

As euphorically chilling as it is rousingly battering, ‘Boundless’ more than lives up to its title on more than one occasion. The sky is most definitely the limit.


’Boundless’ by Pomegranate Tiger is released on 11th December.

Pomegranate Tiger links: Facebook|Twitter | Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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