Album Review: On The Fifty – Fast Hands, Bad Timing

On The Fifty are a band from Brooklyn, New York. Tim Dolan, Tom Dambro, John Kantar & Anthony Imperato are 4 friends who spent their winter break recording this record and recognizing a dream of theirs. To have one of their biggest influences produce their record, Anthony Raneri of the Queens band, Bayside.

The record itself is very obvious when it comes to Raneri’s involvement, and stating an influence as Bayside is a little risky. Obvious comparisons tend to ruin bands’ sounds as you can then only visualize and compare. On The Fiftydo manage to stand out as a band themselves, but the whole Raneri blurb is a little overdone.

‘Fast Hands, Bad Timing’ is more than an EP at 20 minutes long and 5 tracks. The production quality alone is fantastic, but the writing also is something to be acclaimed. Tracks like ‘Things Get Wet In The Ocean’ and ‘Blue Roses’ showcase both the bands ability to remain true to their roots, and to write a catchy as hell song. With crooning vocals ala The Smoking Popes, and punk riffs akin to those of Alkaline Trio, this is a must listen for any fan of a generation of punk these bands belong to. Not something I think will be breathtaking on first listen, but it’s definitely a record that grows with you in time. If you want a remembrance of Bayside, this record is entirely for you. I can appreciate it’s done astoundingly well, but it just doesn’t strike me as anything special.


‘Fast Hands, Bad Timing’ by On The Fifty is available now.

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Words by Rosie Kerr

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