Album Review: Nine Black Alps – Sirens

After a short break to recharge their batteries, Manchester alt rockers Nine Black Alps return in 2012 to present their latest fourth full length effort entitled ‘Sirens’. In regards to the title, you’d expect this record to be a luring and seductive 40 minute session but the real truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t judge the record on its title and expect anything outstanding.

‘Sirens’ has some of the qualities needed to make it a good formula of indie rock. From the slow trudging ‘Penny Cinderella’ to the fast hectic antics found on ‘Living in a Dream’, the songs to have the ability to satisfy one’s hunger for a rock ‘n roll jam recital. The slower numbers such as ‘Phosphorence’ and ‘Another World’ have a real calming dream like atmosphere. Furthermore, the pop structure surrounding the band’s choruses are good enough to catch your ears hook, line and sinker.

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However, although such abilities have their merit, the only reaction to this record as a whole is one of both boredom and impatience. ‘Sirens’ really doesn’t grab you by the neck and shake you around enough to make you think that the attention it is demanding is actually worth giving. The only people that would no doubt indulge in such a record would be the band’s eager and fanatic hardcore fans.

To sum up,  this new effort from Nine Black Alps has some charming qualities but it’s structure as a whole only produces facial expressions that are full of loathing at how daunting and tedious this record can be. It feels as though this record was a discarded recluse from the 90s Britpop era. All in all, in contrast to the other brilliant releases that have come out this year, this isn’t one of them.


‘Sirens’ by Nine Black Alps is released 8th October though Brew Records.

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Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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