Album Review: Muncie Girls – Revolution Summer

As the end of summer 2012 draws to a close and the brisk cold weather patterns of fall and winter are on the horizon, a strew of new music helps to soundtrack such a change and look towards the second half of the year. Exeter melodic punk trio Muncie Girls have managed to write a collection of five songs to accompany such a change, providing a record that is both reflective of what has happened and to look forward and stand strong for what may happen, concepts of which are reinforced by the hookiest and passionate of punk rock melodies.

Musically the band takes a huge influence from a lot of late 80s and early 90s alt rock band with punk spirit and soul embedded; great lyrics and hooky melodies displayed in such songs including ‘Kasper and Randow’ will no doubt have you dancing in your room shouting the words with the utmost glee. ‘Bum Chicago’ is a prime example of the hidden gritty angst filled vibes which are cloaked by the rather melancholic and self-reflective personal nature of the lyrics, this helps give a real spark to the dynamic of the songs themselves.

In regards to the lyrics, the themes that are covered will no doubt grab anyone who right now is in their late teens to early twenties who are facing the likes of troubled relationships and hesistant futures, issues that will cling on to the constant cycle of the generations. This is a record that says, “Hey, I know how you are feeling but I’ve got a feeling that everything will be fine if we do try and take a reluctant step.” ‘Feel It Soon’ and ‘Railroad’ are definitely the anthems of this generation and generations to come who might need some guidance and a tool of artistry to help put the pieces of their issues together in a coherent organised to do list so they can tackle them bit by bit, piece by piece.

In summary, ‘Revolution Summer’ is a fantastic and promising record from a band that is still in their early days. It ticks all the right boxes in being a collector’s item for any music lover. The only criticism would be that it’s too short which also helps it to achieve an added quality of leaving you hungry for whatever new material the band will pen down and jam to in the nearest venue. Muncie Girls are a band that have me and will have you under hook, line, and sinker.


‘Revolution Summer’ by Muncie Girls is released on September 10th through Specialist Subject Records.

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Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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