Album Review: Mrs Skanotto – All These Evolutions


Since their inception in 1998, New York outfit Mrs Skanotto have spent the past 15 years releasing albums and playing shows, honing their unique ska-punk sound. However, with the release of ‘All These Evolutions’, it seems that they haven’t done themselves much justice.

To be the honest, the album simply isn’t dynamic and grabbing enough; tracks such as ‘Wage War’ and ‘Everyday’ simply fall flat. Despite possessing strong vocals, the guitar work seems sluggish and there’s a lack of much-needed energy. The use of a trombone throughout the majority of their tracks, namely ‘Lost & Found’ and ‘Everyday’, makes the song too crowded – it makes it difficult to pick out what’s what.

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All in all, ‘All These Evolutions’ becomes a bland album, repeating itself through 14 tracks. The album doesn’t do anything to reach out and grab you by the collar; it doesn’t do anything to reel you in. It’s rather depressing to think that Mrs Skanotto just created a grey, dull album. 


‘All These Evolutions’ by Mrs Skanotto is out now.

Mrs Skanotto Links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|BandCamp

Written by Jess Tagliani (@JessTagliani)


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