Album Review: Mother Feather – Mother Feather

It’s rare to see two powerful women fronting a self-proclaimed “pop-cock-rock” band. New York quintet Mother Feather have produced energetic feel-good music since 2009, and there’s no slowing down their self-titled debut. Vocalist Ann Courtney strives in her feminist superhero role with Elizabeth Carena serving as her sidekick, and together they light the way for women in a male-dominated world.

This self-titled effort touches thoughtfully on some serious issues. ‘The Power’ is about choosing those happy people who bring out the best in you, and ‘Mirror’ tells of needing someone to help you reach your full potential via seeing it in yourself first. The latter’s intelligent lyrics are often cleverly laced with cheeky innuendos – “to reach your full potential, powerful influential, you’ve got it all inside, I’m just the mirror.” Add to that the addictive chorus of ‘Trampoline’ and you have a well thought-out release.

Courtney and Lizzie’s voices harmonise perfectly. Lizzie’s mezzo soprano vocals blend nicely into Courtney’s raspy deliver.This combination almost adds a supernatural atmosphere, as ‘747’ showcases their mystical, somewhat erotic fusion of voices.

Each track glides between multiple genres; from the springy funk pop of ‘Trampoline’ to the alternative glam rock title track. ‘They Tore Down The Sk8 Park’ oozes classic pop and ‘Beach House’ is thrives on a bouncy bassline and a laid back delivery, with a hint of traditional Hawaiian influence leading to a serene, tranquil vibe.

Mother Feather come screaming onto the scene with this fresh approach, full of inspirational energy translating feminist power into the rock realm. This is an anthemic album to be remembered and is delivered in an inspirational fashion.


’Mother Feather’ by Mother Feather is released on May 13th on Metal Blade Records.

Mother Feather links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Beth Lawson (@BethShoutSound)


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