Album Review: Misser – Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person

For some the prospect of members of Transit and This Time Next Year recording an album together is an indie pop-punk dream. However on Misser’s debut full-length, ‘Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person,’ Tim Landers (Transit) and Brad Wiseman (This Time Next Year) have exceeded expectations and produced a rock record that has pop sensibilities but keeps the bands DIY edge intact. 

Early tracks ‘Time Capsules’ and ‘Bridges’ set the tone with Landers and Wiseman exchanging vocals and sensibly bounce off one another. With driving guitars and strong melodies, its an impressive start and thankfully Misser avoid the likely pitfall of being compared to their other bands. If anything these tracks could be compared to ‘Louder Now’-era Taking Back Sunday.

Next up is ‘Weightless’ and ’Just Say It,’ two upbeat numbers that keep up the bands momentum at an appreciative pace but its not until the sixth track; ‘I’m Really Starting To Hope The World Ends In 2012’ where you really stand up and pay attention. With angst-filled lyrics of hating TV shows and songs on the radio, the track goes along at a steady tempo with the striking line of “I’m sick of all the songs on the radio” whilst the bands production is sensibly balanced between being  polished yet subtly raw. 

‘Reconnect This’ and ‘Bad News’ come and go but give (some) fans that needed pop-punk goodness that some may have hoped for. Whereas as ‘Stay Asleep’ sees the band sounding relax and offering a comforting moment that slowly paces itself along and refrains from speeding things up. 

Later on ‘Sanity’ is a brief heartfelt number that shows the bands lyrical sincerity before ‘The Waits’ ends the album on a high as its mixture the bands more guitar-driven parts with their calmer moments yet the bands angry edge still remains.

Whilst it may not be the pop-punk record some had hoped for, Misser have still produced a thorough and well-structured record in ‘Every Day I Tell Myself…’ that keeps fans interested from start to finish. From melodic rock to sincere quieter numbers, ‘Every Day I Tell Myself…’ has a lot to offer and is worth a listen, even if you’re not a fan of the members other bands.


‘Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person’ by Misser is available now on Rise Records.

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Words by Sean Reid

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