Album Review: Masts – Adversaries

With a hybrid sound of yesteryear emo, post-hardcore and punk rock along with a subtle touch of math-rock, there is a lot to like about Masts and their debut LP ‘Adversaries’.

Starting with the rigid ‘Overhead Kick’, it is an explosive start that batters its way through before settling down with twiddly guitars and a vibrant melody; a trait that rears its head throughout the 11 songs found on here. ‘Monaghan’ provides an early album highlight with its uplifting, soaring vocals, thriving tempo and complimentary chord progression.

‘A Man Ambivalence’ keeps up the momentum with its Get Up Kids-esque tone through its heartfelt punk delivery, while the tuneful ‘Ghost World’ and the straightforward ‘Crestfallen’ are delivered in a similar and pleasing manner.

Meanwhile, ‘We’ve Got A Message For You’ provides a more angular, laid-back approach as shimmering guitars and choppy tempos fight for centre stage alongside Masts’ impassioned vocals. The penultimate ‘Different People’ offers a soft, reflective moment before ‘Athens’ finishes things off with another slice of rousing melodic post-hardcore.

‘Adversaries’ is a surprisingly gratifying record. With it, Masts have stuck to their roots honing a favourable guitar-driven approach, whilst ideally embracing their influences. It is a record that is subtly diverse yet is carried by a weight of melodic might, making ‘Adversaries’ a record that begs to played repeatedly. An honest and infectious record that shouldn’t be ignored.


‘Adversaries’ by Masts is released on February 19th through Jealous Lovers Club.

Masts links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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