Album Review: Marmozets – Vexed EP

Marmozets are good. Real good. Their first EP; ’Passive Aggresive’ was pretty damn good and this newest EP ’Vexed’ tops it off by taking the first EP off to the zoo, feeding it to the lions and then saving it mid mauling, only to finish it off itself. Does that make sense? Basically, this EP can be really mean and vicious and would probably try and bite at you if it did actually have teeth, but that’s a whole different paralel universe somewhere. Also, they’re probably better than your band.

Yeah, I said it. They’re probably better than your band. Listen to ‘Vexed’ and tell me I’m wrong. But here’s the best bit, right. Here comes the final pitch to take you out of the game; these guys age between 15 and 19. Yeah. They’re still in high school and college. They’re still teenagers. Mother of the group, Becca MacIntyre is the eldest and can easily give Eva Spence of Rolo Tomassi a run for her money. She can sing, she can growl, scream, shout or whatever else she likes. These guys could easily tame this metaphorical zoo of noise masters that I’m working with.

Throwing together The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Fall Of Troy and probably some Blakfish in there as well. Basically, anything mathy that’s got balls is burnt to the ground then the ashes are swept up and delicately pieced together into Marmozets. Listening to these tech mastery verses and then these melodic choruses that are full of grit, energy and this sort of cheekiness to break any and all rules still makes it some remarkable because of their young age. That and the fact that they haven’t reached their peak yet. And once they do it’ll be full marks for them.

Give ’Vexed’ a listen whilst sitting next to the lion enclosure at your local zoo. It might just put into perspective what Marmozets have unleashed upon the world and even the lion would be up for a little cuddle once it realises it’s not the king of the jungle anymore.


‘Vexed’ by Marmozets is out now.

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Words by Michael Brown.

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