Album Review: Lacey – Under The Brightest Lights

Nottingham four piece Lacey are a band on the rise. The band lead by vocalist and bassist Graz Turner, have exploded out of the midland scene in recent years thanks to their atmospheric and sincere sound.

‘Under The Brightest Lights’ is a blissful and brilliantly structured listen. Atmospheric and relentlessly uplifting opener ‘Tonight’ gets things off to an incredible start complete with potently building guitars and huge vocals. It might be the most compelling track on the record, but there are more to move your head to.

For example ‘Take Change The Story’ startles the senses with its backdrop of the energetic guitars and killer vocals. Graz Turner puts in an eloquent vocal performance showing an impressive range. Whilst the track may move you with its love sick melody, Turner’s vocals make all the sweetness entirely pallatable.

Whilst tracks like ‘Reach Out’ highlight Lacey’s ability to turn out quality fast-paced numbers Lacey aren’t a band that stick to one sound or style. ‘Wait Till Tomorrow’ is a soft and emotive acoustic effort that resonates with emotion.

With this debut, Lacey have conquered and have caught the imagination with their mature and atmospheric sound, and the band deserve every accolade it brings their way. Here Lacey showcase an ability to bring originality and new inspiration to the British pop-rock genre.


‘Under The Brightest Lights’ by Lacey is out now.

Lacey links: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Words by Mark McConville.

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