Album Review: Knocked Loose – Laugh Tracks

Knocked Loose have been high up on the hardcore radar since the release of their five-track ‘Pop Culture’ EP in 2014, a release that also gained them a respectable social media following. It’s beatdowns and metallic tones all the way as we welcome the Kentucky quintet’s debut album ‘Laugh Tracks’. They’re a straightforward band; Brutal, raw, good old hardcore and if that’s your style, then you’re in for a treat.

‘Oblivions Peak’ kicks things off in fierce fashion with almost too many breakdowns to count. Unfortunately, the ability to take a song seriously is diminished when “YOU SON OF A BITCH” is shouted midway through. Thankfully, ‘Deadringer’ redeems things, trundling along with cleverly paced sections of percussion.


‘Counting Worms’ manages to keep the angry chugs of the album alive and leads into highlight track ‘My Heroes’ in which frontman Bryan Garris’s vocal depth and range really shines through. Similarly, ‘Billy No Mates’ is most definitely a crowd pleaser, containing just the right balance of slamming breakdowns and noticeably poignant lyrical moments.

‘No Thanks’ packs a ferocious intro and continues to impress throughout with moments of nifty guitar work and kick drum going hand in hand. Rounding off the record is title track, Laugh Tracks that live’s up to the record name, complete with tacky sitcom laughter.

You’ve got to give it to Knocked Loose, they might not be ground-breaking but they’ve got the formula nailed and show potential and consistency. ‘Laugh Tracks’ is the type of album that could be more appreciated after seeing it in a live environment as many of these tracks will undoubtedly create an atmosphere.


‘Laugh Tracks’ by Knocked Loose is out now on Pure Noise Records.

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