Album Review: IRIS – Out of Fiction

Hailing from Kent and recently signed to Engineer Records, alternative rock band IRIS has stood their ground with their new EP ’Out of Fiction.’

Opening song also sharing its name with the EP title is definitely a signature track on the record. Starting along a path of lively sounds with transition into second track ’Your Sacrifice,‘ IRIS show that they’re more than capable of producing fun loving, easy listening rock music.

The EP strays away from this energetic path and follows a softer route with third track ’The Shade,’ successfully combining calmer verses and powerful choruses but not losing the enthusiasm presented at the beginning of the record.

‘Long Walk to Sleep’’s and ’Lie for Me’’s infectious riffs raises the standard of the EP and is an example of IRIS playing their cards right in creating lively rock songs, a skill that continues to shows their success in writing music.

Acoustic track ‘Thicker than Water’ rounds the record off nicely, where proof of harmonised vocals and beautifully crafted guitar sections compliment IRIS’ talent and presenting their well rounded ability.

The band has proven that they can mix energy with tranquillity in this record and IRIS is definitely worthy of praise for creating an easy listening but animated EP.    


‘Out Of Fiction’ by IRIS is released in early August through Engineer Records.

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Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)

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